Mallory and Thomas

How We Met

Thomas and I met during my freshman year at NC State. He was a Resident Advisor on my hall and majoring in the same thing I intended to (chemical engineering), so of course I had a little crush on him! We crossed paths several times during school, but it wasn’t until the weekend of his graduation that something finally clicked. We began dating long-distance and I finished my senior year, and then dated even longer distance when I took my first job in South Carolina. After another year, he followed me to South Carolina and proposed weeks later!

Image 1 of Mallory and Thomas

how they asked

I’d known Thomas intended to propose for awhile, I just didn’t know the when or how of it. Which meant for the last month I had been suspicious of every mildly romantic gesture he made. He knew I wanted to be surprised and that I wanted to be able to tell my family and friends right away. For the holidays this year, we spent Christmas eve and day at my parent’s house, and the weekend at his parent’s. On Christmas day, I was walking my dog outside before we loaded up the car to head to my grandmother’s house. He took that quiet time between Christmas morning and the craziness of visiting relatives all afternoon as his window. He grabbed my sister to snap some pictures, came outside to meet me as my dog and I were coming back inside, said a lot of really sweet things to me that I can’t remember, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! Of course I was taken totally off guard, which meant I did a lot of crying but said YES! We were able to immediately go inside and celebrate with happy tears with my sister and parents, and tell all of our families in person over the next three days. It was perfect!

Image 2 of Mallory and Thomas