Mallory and Taylor

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How We Met

Taylor and I met Summer B of freshmen year at the University of Florida when our love for funfetti cake brought us together for the first time. Having lived on the same floor during the summer semester, Taylor and I found ourselves enjoying college life among the same group of friends trying to navigate our new home. From our first time meeting in the hallway kitchen, I knew that Taylor was the one (evidenced by the fact that I told my mom that I would marry him one day). After a short few weeks of classes, Taylor and I went different directions as we had more self-exploring left to do.

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The Rekindle (January 2012) As a new (and final) semester in Gainesville was set to begin, Taylor found himself asking “what if” and wanted to find a way to cross paths with me again. As a true romantic, Taylor tweeted my best friend and future Maid of Honor to organize a meetup of old friends from four summers back. It wasn’t long until we were talking over a pitcher of beer in midtown, catching up with one another and enjoying each other’s company. Dating!

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As Taylor and I found our chemistry to be as strong as it was when we first met, we began to enjoy coffee and lunch dates around Gainesville. On one rainy Sunday morning, Taylor took me to Devil’s Millhopper State Park where we bonded over our love for nature and spending time together outside. It was here where the we committed to each other and promised to put our relationship first. We saw significant challenges ahead as our career paths took us to different parts of the country post graduation only 3 months away (me to Michigan for a year to gain work experience prior to applying to law school and Taylor to Fort Lauderdale to begin his dream career). Skype sessions, multiple weekends in airports, and cherished holidays kept our relationship strong. Life! Fate (and careful planning by me) would have it that 15 months later, I moved about an hour away from Taylor to start my legal education at the University of Miami. We enjoyed the proximity and ability to see each other on the weekends and taking our two labrador retrievers (Rufus and Bella) to the beach.

how they asked

Taylor knew he wanted to make the proposal special and devised a plan to surprise me with a ski trip to Colorado in January 2016. He told me the night before that we were leaving town and to pack warm. Not 24 hours later, Taylor brought me dog-sledding on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the Rockies.

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After a few sled crashes that sent Taylor into trees and waist deep powder, Taylor found the perfect moment to ask me to be his wife and I happily said yes!

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