Mallory and Parker

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How We Met

Parker and I have dated since high school, but have pretty much known each other our whole lives! I knew when I met Parker, there was something exceptional about him! He excels at everything he does, wether it is school, sports, work- he can do it all! On our first date we went to see a movie and it was right around Christmas, so he brought me a pink iPod nano as a Christmas present! That was a huge deal back in the day, and all my friends still talk about it. They all say, “Started with an iPod now we’re here!” Ever since our first date, Parker has continued to go over and beyond with everything he does for me.

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We have basically been inseparable since 9th grade, but we decided to go to different colleges. Being apart for the first time would normally create challenges in a relationship, but it did the opposite for us. I would not change a thing about it! I got to visit him and make friends with his college friends, while he got to do the same at my school! We have both made lasting friendships that I am so thankful for! We made the distance work in our favor, and while it can be hard for many couples, Parker made it so easy and effortless.

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Fast forward to the present day, and we finally live in the same city again! Our relationship has been filled with exciting trips, over the top dates, and lots of driving to see each other, but nothing is better than finally getting to be in the same place again and just live life together. He really is my other half, and I am so excited for this next stage of life together!

how they asked

To start the most epic proposal story ever, Parker told me he had planned me a birthday trip to New York to see Hamilton! I love Broadway plays, so I was over the moon excited for this. Throughout our whole relationship, we had been going on trips to New York, so this birthday trip did not raise any suspicion in my head. On one of our first trips to New York, he actually told me he would one day propose at St Patrick’s Cathedral, but that totally slipped my mind on this trip! Parker has always gone over and beyond for me, and this trip was no exception.

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