Mallory and Kane

Image 1 of Mallory and KaneHow We Met: Kane and I met in Kindergarten, we were in the same class together. Everyday after school I would wait for Kane to leave just to say bye to him. We were elected to be partners in the Mayday Court together as “lei holders”, it was the first time we walked down the aisle!

Long story short we ended up going to different middle/high schools and never seen each other till one day at the beach when we were 19 years old. I actually made the first move by calling him and we ended up going to the worst movie ever, which was fine with me because we didn’t end up watching it but instead just catching up. From then on we were inseparable.

how they asked: Our friends Shannon and Aaron are both professional photographers so they tricked me into doing a “couples photo shoot” so they could learn from each others tricks. We ended up having Kane’s sister come along to just hangout. We went to spitting caves right before sunset.

After a few pictures they had us turn our backs to them for a “gazing out to the sunset” picture. As we were standing there Kane would not stop moving and of course I was getting really annoyed telling him to keep still! Little did I know he was pulling the ring out of his pocket.

After they were done taking the pictures Shannon told me to turn around, as I did his sisters were holding up a sign saying “Do you wanna be a Zalopany?” After realizing what it actually said I turned around and Kane was on one knee and I was in tears! Of course I said yes!
Image 2 of Mallory and Kane

Photography by Sharon Saski Photography and Aaron Mizushima