Mallory and Joshua

Image 1 of Mallory and Joshua

How We Met

I was Running Sound at a local Music venue in Greenville SC. She was the Chef. Her sister and Brother ran the Bar. I was enchanted by her but she had just started dating someone. Several months down the road her Brother told me she was single again and wanted to have dinner with me. The other guy missed out because she is the most amazing woman I have ever met in my LIFE. 2 years down the road I had to surprise her with a ring in a most unexpected time.She is my Rock.

how they asked

I had a fews day till my friends and I were going to have a huge Mannequin Challenge at my place. Two days before, I found out I had enough Money to bring the ring home. Now… to plan a proposal! well…. all our friends and family were already going to be there i thought there isn’t a better time! It will also get filmed! So I changed things up a bit to where she wouldn’t have a clue. If you watch the video you will know her reaction was priceless and genuine!

Our Video