Mallory and Jordan's Movie Preview Proposal

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How We Met

Jordan and I officially met at a Young Professionals of Birmingham Event that was held at the Southern Kitchen. All night I caught myself glancing his direction, and every time I did we would catch eyes with one another. He was so handsome and put together. I remember thinking that he looked like a model professional…..almost like he walked right out of a magazine or something. I realized that he was a star football player at a rival high school of mine and because we both knew many mutual friends from around Birmingham, (including my older sister) I recognized his face. The looks continued until he finally approached me and was such a gentleman, easy to talk to, and just an all around nice guy. My first impression of him was off of the charts! That night I came home and informed my older sister that I had run into one of her old friends and after I told her who it was, her immediate response was “OH MY GOSH Mallory, y’all HAVE to date! y’all would be PERFECT together!” I laughed thinking nothing of her comment until the next day when Jordan asked to follow me on Instagram and commented on one of my pictures.

For the following two months the only contact we made was a lot of “likes” back and forth on Instagram. Some might call it flirting but I was just letting him know that I was noticing him and I think he was doing the same back to me.

Now here is where the fun really happens :))) Jordan and I were both in Tuscaloosa AL celebrating the Alabama football win against Texas A&M at a famous bar called Galletes. I was walking up the stairs to the dance floor to meet my friends when I heard a familiar voice say my name. When I turned around there he was in full demur, smiling up at me. Oh my gosh, I think my heart skipped a beat! After a little while of mingling with our friends, we ended up taking a seat in a little nook inside the bar. For the next 2 1/2 hours we were lost in each other.. all the loud music…everyone singing Rammer Jammer.. it was all a blur because we were in a world of our own. The bar was winding down but we obviously were not ready to leave one another. We walked across the street to Moe’s Mexican Grille, took a seat in one of the booths and continued the marathon chatting. I could’ve talked to him all night! He asked if he could walk me where I was staying (which was my younger sisters house, she was a student at Alabama). We interlocked arms walking the streets of Tuscaloosa and when we arrived at my sisters house she was still awake. All 3 of us piled into my sisters car and drove him home. Before getting out of the car Jordan asked if I could get out with him. He asked if I would like to go on a date with him and for my cell number. I smiled and said “of course”, but I was wondering what took so long :) The following weekend was our first date and we have been inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

When people ask me if I had any idea the proposal was happening the night Jordan proposed, I have said “It was HIS birthday, I had NO idea.”

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Jordan and I are very much movie goers, its one of my favorite parts of regular date nights. As soon as previews started showing for The Revenant in early January, Jordan told me that for his birthday he wanted my family and I to go see that movie together. What I didn’t know was that Jordan had been working on his own type of mystery that would have a surprise ending like no other!!

That day Jordan called me saying that one of his best friends from out of town was driving through Birmingham on the way to the beach and since it was Jordan s birthday, wanted to see us before continuing through Birmingham. The plan was that we would all meet before we headed to the movie. What I didn’t know was that this meeting was just a diversion as friends were decorating my house for an “after party”. After seeing them we drove to the theater where Jordan directed me to go on in and find my parents because he had to go to the bathroom. Previews for other movies had already started so it was somewhat dark inside the theater but I saw my dad and mom’s faces on the usual front row behind a railing where we usually sit. I could tell that the theater was full and that wasn’t surprising because this was a hot new movie that had just come out. What I couldn’t see was that the theater was full of my family and friends! There was a total of 4 previews before THE preview which was all about our real-life fairy tale!! As the trailer starts, a voice over says “this is a story about a boy…..who dreamt of his perfect wife”. As a drone camera flew into a house to show a little boy playing with his dad, I immediately recognized the house. By the time the drone camera flew into my house showing my parents praying with me as a little girl, I was a mess!! The trailer continued as it showed movie clips of each of us growing up and making the point that we were destined to meet. The trailer said “he had his goals” as it showed him playing soccer and then said and she had hers as it showed me around 7 years old bragging about scoring two goals. There were many special memories that he found and included into the trailer….cheerleading, homecoming! He even found a clip of my first voice recital where I sung a song from the movie Dreamgirls with the line “he’s the perfect man for me, I love you I do”. The trailer ends with him lying on his bed wondering aloud “I wonder if she will say YES”. As soon as the trailer was over the lights came up and he came around from the hallway and proposed.

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Up to this point, everyone in the theater had been deathly quiet..I even wondered if we were annoying people who had come to see a movie. I still didn’t have any idea they were all there for me and him. After we had our moment and I said “Yes”, the people in the room erupted with cheers and claps and when I turned to them I realized it was all of our friends and family :) It was a night I will never ever forget and every time I watch the video I think about how much time and effort went in to making this the most special proposal EVER, I boo hoo all over again! What a night…what a memory!!

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