Mallory and Jeremy

How We Met

Jeremy and I met through TINDER! We met about 4 years and 3 months ago, though it was a while till we had our first date/met in person, and I had no idea how special he would become to me. I remember when we first matched, his first message to me was “how do you know___?!” (it showed we had a mutual friend) and it got us talking! We talked pretty casually, mainly over text, before our first date. Our first date was pretty simple, we got coffee and went to the movies. We texted right before we met up and saw each other of the first time in person and Jeremy warned me (which was very silly) and said “by the way, I’m kind of short” and I said, “oh shoot, I’m kind of tall!” (I’m about half an inch taller, which obviously does not matter at all, it was a very funny dialogue to have before we met). We went to a nearby store to get candy for the movies, I was taking a long time to pick candy out and he said jokingly “so I’m just going to leave you here and find my girlfriend” and I replied, “I’m right here!” Which was a bolder thing for me to say on a first date, it just showed we had an instant chemistry that made being around him so easy and full of laughter. On our fourth or fifth date, Jeremy asked if I would be his girlfriend and I threw up a shield and told him “You know that means you would need to meet my parents, I would need to meet yours! We would need to be apart from each other’s lives more! Are you ready for that? Let’s wait a little longer!” I was so nervous! It led him to ask some questions to me like “if we were official, how often would you like to see each other?” And I replied, “maybe 2-3 times a week” (we unknowingly had great communication off the back, and the memory of this question cracks me up because the day after he asked that question, we have been inseparable). A week later he met my parents and that evening he asked me to be his girlfriend again! Our relationship moved quickly, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have pushed each other and have grown so much as individuals and as a unit. He never fails to put me first and I am one lucky woman to get to spend the rest of my life with him. (This photo is from our first anniversary!)

Mallory's Proposal in Coronado Beach, in front of the Hotel Del

how they asked

Knowing Jeremy as well as I do, there were a couple of red flags that came up the days leading to his proposal. Saturday night he asked if the next night I would want to go to Coronado, this sets off a flag because, on the nights that Jeremy works, he likes to be home early to prepare for the next day. I pestered my mom for information, but she assured me that nothing was going to happen, so I brushed it off. On Sunday evening when we were walking around the Hotel Del Coronado we “coincidentally” ran into a couple of our friends, and they happened to have time to hang out and walk along the beach with us.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Coronado Beach, in front of the Hotel Del

When Jeremy couldn’t hear me I was telling my friend, Cailey, that I sensed something fishy, and she was quick to try to throw me off the trail. We walked towards the rocks and Jeremy kept jumping up and down different rocks, I was like “what are you doing??” And he told me to come up on the rock with him and then I knew what was happening and I just felt a rush of emotion. To add the that, I look around and out from behind other rocks, come, my parents and brother, and his parents.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Coronado Beach, in front of the Hotel Del

I felt as if everything around me was spinning, I’ve been dreaming of this moment forever. and I got up on that rock and he asked me to be his forever and ever! Then, no joke, we spotted dolphins in the ocean right across from where he asked! It was truly magical!