Mallory and Jarred

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How We Met

Jarred and I “officially” met 4 1/2 years ago on a night out in downtown Orlando. We knew of each other for about a year because one of my good friends, Caitlin, was newly engaged to Jarred’s brother Jimmy. Caitlin and I had many happy hour nights when we would chat about life, dating, etc. I had asked a few times about Jimmy’s brother since we were both around the same age. Jarred and I had never seemed to cross paths, he was either dating someone else or I was. In December of 2013 and I was out on a girls night with my friends in downtown Orlando, completely single and Jarred walks in the door of the bar we had started our night at. I glanced and thought I recognized the face because Jarred and his brother Jimmy resemble each other very closely. On closer look I realized it was not Jimmy but it had to be Jimmy’s brother Jarred who I recognized from pictures on social media. I made my way over to Jarred, introduced myself, told him I knew his brother and Caitlin, that I recognized him from pictures from Facebook. Surprisingly after my wonderful pick up line (kidding), Jarred knew who I was and asked to buy me a drink and there the night went.

how they asked

Jarred told me to keep June 1 open to celebrate my birthday (June 16) just him and I since we had plans to have a family weekend on my actual birthday. He didn’t tell me any details. Every year Jarred has a birthday surprise up his sleeve so I was excited to see what this year’s surprise included and didn’t ask any questions. I got in the car that morning and had no idea where we were headed. An hour and a half later we arrive at a restaurant on the intercoastal waterways of St. Augustine. I politely told him we did not need to drive an hour and a half to go to lunch for my birthday. He told me to grab my purse and follow him. We ended up walking right by the restaurant and onto the docks of the marina. At the end of the dock there was a captain, first mate and their sailboat waiting for our arrival. I was instantly excited because I love being out on the ocean. We departed the marina and the captain told us there were a few storms brewing so we would be navigating around the storms. We made our way out into the Atlantic, on the edge of the storms and decided it was a great time to take a picture in case the storms made their way to us. On the last photo take Jarred got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

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I was in shock and of course said YES! He then pulls out a bottle of wine from one of my favorite wine vineyards that we had been saving for a “special occasion” our entire relationship. We opened the bottle of wine and watched the storms roll over St. Augustine. Once the storms subsided we made our way back to the intercoastal where we sailed by the fort and lighthouse. It was truly a magical day.

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