Mallory and Evan

Image 1 of Mallory and Evan

How We Met

We went to high school together and he was my older brother’s best friend for years.

How They Asked

My now fiancé has always been an outdoorsman, so for his 30th birthday, I planned a surprise trip to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons National Park. He has always wanted to go. At this time, I had no idea that he had already had a ring for about 6 months but wanted a special way to ask me and couldn’t figure out how. I told him about the trip about 2 months before we left so he could make arrangements at his work and I guess that’s when he knew it would be the right time. We arrived at the Grand Tetons the first day of our trip and went to this lake and I just fell in love with the scenery. It’s a huge, calm lake with the snow-covered mountains behind it, just absolutely gorgeous. He took a picture as I was walking away and sent a picture to our friends and family and said that’s where he was going to ask me. There I was, still clueless as ever. When we got back into the car, he asked if I’d love to get up early and come have coffee out here. I completely loved that idea, cold morning, hot coffee, and beautiful scenery, I loved it. The next morning, we got up early, went and got coffee, and headed to “our spot”. We got down there and sat down and just talked for a few minutes. He said how pretty of a picture this would be and told me to go stand by the water so he could set up our camera and get a picture of us. This man took forever setting up this camera, of course, I didn’t know he was trying to video it. Once he got everything set up, he came and stood next to me for a picture and I could feel his heart beating so hard from just being next to him. I looked at him and said “Evan, why is your heart beating so fast?” With tears in his eyes he said “it’s not a picture” and I knew… instantly start sobbing as he got down in his knee and asked me to marry him. Happiest day of my life! Oh, and he was so nervous that he forgot to hit the button for it to video us, but I have a ring so I don’t even care. 😊