Mallory and Cedric

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How We Met

The timing of how Cedric and I met is almost perfect! In June 2014, Cedric relocated from Minneapolis, MN to Phoenix, AZ for his career (and to escape the cold). In July, I relocated from Nashville, TN to Phoenix for my career as well. We were both new to the Phoenix area, so we used social networking sites as a way to meet other professionals in the city.

Our paths eventually crossed in September 2014. Cedric asked to take me on our first date at a comedy club for amateur night on 9/25/14. The comedy show was AWFUL! Cedric was impressed by my positive attitude throughout the night. I simply felt bad for him because he was mortified (and overly apologetic) at how the event turned out. We ended up laughing about our “failed” first date and the rest is pretty obvious. We have been exploring the Phoenix area and traveling the world together ever since.

how they asked

In June 2016, Cedric informed me that he was planning a “nice” vacation for us later in the year. The catch was… he refused to tell me where we were going!!! I annoyed him for 4 months straight trying to figure out the destination but he wouldn’t give up the details. He helped me pack for the trip so the only things that I knew for sure were: 1) we were going somewhere warm 2) we were going to be on a boat (he told me to purchase motion sickness medication) 3) we were taking a road trip. I somehow convinced myself that we were going on a cruise to Mexico. Gosh, I was completely wrong!

We ended up at LAX international airport and that’s when it was FINALLY revealed that we were going to my dream destination of Thailand! Our first full day in the country was full of adventure. Cedric deceived me (again!) and told me the remaining days of the trip would be chill and laid back. The next morning I found out that we were going ZIPLINING! This was a complete shocker to me because even though I am a thrill seeking/adventurous person, Cedric is the complete opposite and doesn’t like heights (the things you do for love!).

Cedric originally planned to do a beach proposal but his plans changed once he noticed the beauty of the jungle. He was able to secretly alert our zip line leaders of his intentions and they helped him execute a flawless proposal at the end of our course.

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One minute I was flying through the air, having the time of my life, the next minute I see my best friend down on one knee asking me to be his WIFE! It was simply AMAZING! Every aspect of the trip and proposal was planned to perfection. It is a moment that we will always cherish.

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