Mallory and Britton

Where to Propose in Paris, France

How We Met

It was just another party at San Diego State University, until I saw the most drop dead gorgeous guy in the world! He came up to me, talked about the party, and asked me my name…and then for my number! I was beyond excited that he actually wanted to hang out with me, and the very next day we went to the movies and the rest of that summer was spent by the beach, going on hikes, and eating at every Mexican food joint throughout San Diego. We knew we were in love before summer had even ended…and the rest is history :)

how they asked

Britton and I plan an epic European vacation this September, starting in Amsterdam, then Berlin, Munich for Oktoberfest, Budapest, Italy, and finally ending our two weeks in the City of Love, in Paris.

Britton wakes me up early the day before we are set to head back to Heathrow for our flight home. I get ready, kind of bewildered when he instructs me to dress in all pink and heels (even though we’re going out to breakfast, or so I was told), and we head out for a short drive to the Trocadero.

When we arrive, it’s not even 7 AM, so we grab a coffee and kind of stand around (for what, I’m not so sure), when suddenly a beaming, cute woman appears and shakes Britton’s hand and then my own. She’s our photographer, and we’re going to take a few photos with the Eiffel Tower, so can we follow her, please, so we can begin the photo shoot?

Mallory and Britton's Engagement in Paris, France

I smile, as I love photos, and Britton and I start to take photos and pose for the camera. The photographer then instructs me to stand alone and look off into the distance at the Tour Eiffel, and for what seemed like an eternity, I turned around about to ask if she’s done, when Britton is down on one knee holding out a beautiful diamond ring!!

I immediately said yes, barely registering his words, and started to cry, when suddenly a woman holding a HUGE bouquet of balloons comes my way and hands them to me! We finish our shoot down by the Eiffel Tower with these fun pink balloons and my heart is so full.

My love for Britton and my excitement to marry him was so overwhelming, I could not have dreamt of a better proposal!!

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