Mallory and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I went both went to Penn State but did not start dating until after college. Despite graduating four years before me we had tons of friends who overlapped and constantly ran into each other at parties. We even saw each other at college family weekends since Brian’s sisters were both in my sorority. It was at a close mutual friends birthday in NYC that we finally reconnected and exchanged numbers. At the time, Brian was living in NYC and I was living in Baltimore. We spoke constantly and finally I went up for the weekend to visit. After about 24 hours we realized that we were destined to be much more than just friends who had lots of mutual friends. After that first weekend the rest was history!

how they asked

I can honestly saw that the day Brian proposed was the best day of my life. When we woke up that morning, Brian suggested we take our new puppy Boh on a hike in the state park. Not really an “outdoorsy” girl, I was not exactly thrrilled about being dragged out of bed on a Saturday morning to go on a hike. When we got to the trail Brian told me to walk ahead with the dog. Then I heard him should “Hey!” and I turned around and saw him on one knee. The next thing I knew, he was proposing. In total shock, he had to ask me three times because I kept responding “is this real?” instead of finally saying “yes!”

He then said, surprise I’m not really taking you on a hike, lets put our stuff down in the car. I opened the door was swarmed with clouds of white balloons, each anchored with pictures of us over the years. He then told me that he had planned a brunch with our families to celebrate but the rest of the day was about us. We dropped home to back a bag with the direction that we wouldn’t be home until the next morning.

First stop, a picnic with all of my favorite foods and champagne. Next stop, a beautiful hotel overlooking the water downtown. Inside the suite was more champagne and beautiful decorations. Since I was legitimately surprised, I did not have my nails done. Brian told me he had made an appointment for me at a salon near the hotel. When I arrived, my best friend from college was waiting for me! Cue more tears. After nails with my best friend, we went back to the hotel to get ready. We took a beautiful walk along the water then finally arrived at my favorite restaurant for dinner. When we walked in, I saw both of our families all around a big table in the restaurant. Cue more tears. I was completely shocked to see my family and was so happy to have them with me on the day to celebrate. After an amazing dinner, Brian suggested we go out for drinks to celebrate with our families. When I walked into the bar, I stopped dead in my tracks. The entire room was filled with friends from all aspects of our lives. Every person who I had called throughout the day to say we got engaged was in the room for a surprise engagement party. He had flown friends and family in to celebrate with us. Cue even more tears! The party was amazing and the weekend was capped off the final morning with a brunch with the rest of our family to celebrate. I still cannot believe that he had so many people keep this weekend a secret and of course that he had my dream ring there for the moment. Best day ever.
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