Mallorie and Jake

Mallorie and Jake's Engagement in The French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana

How We Met

I first met Jake when he and his family moved to my hometown in 2006 after they lost everything when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the town he grew up in. We have been in school together since 5th grade! As time has gone by, and our relationship grew, he became thankful for Katrina relocating him because we likely would have never met without it. I wasn’t too fond of him throughout junior high, he even asked me out in 6th grade & I turned him down, but something changed entering our freshman year of high school. I am forever thankful for that change of heart- whatever it was. Growing up with Jake has been the most wonderful experience.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana

We share every prom, homecoming, state championship run, skip day, and graduation memory together from high school, and we shared the same college experiences together as well. Some people wonder how we have managed to not get bored of each other, but when you go through life with your best friend, you don’t have to wonder if there’s anything that you’re missing out on because you have the entire world in your hands with each other.

How They Asked

In September of 2018, Jake and I shared out 8th anniversary. Since we have both graduated college, gotten amazing careers, and moved out on our own, I knew he would be popping the question and I was getting quite antsy. On November 10, 2018, Jake and our best friends Brittney and Connor, traveled down to the French Quarter in New Orleans for a day of shopping the street art, sightseeing, and snacking on Café du Monde’s beignets. Looking back, I can tell how weird Jake was acting that morning, but at the time I hadn’t thought much about it and figured he was just trying to get my hopes up. After doing some shopping, we made our way to the square in front of the St. Louis Cathedral to take some pictures of our weekend adventure. While I was taking pictures of Brittney and Connor, Jake snuck the ring out of Britt’s purse without me noticing and slid it into his vest pocket.

When it was time for our picture, Jake and I posed in our normal fashion, and I remember him starting to talk to me and asking if “I knew he loved me, right?” Me, being completely oblivious, told him, “I know you love me,” and to smile for the dang picture! You would have thought as impatiently as I had been waiting to get engaged that I would have caught on a little bit quicker! After his third attempt, I realized what was going on and I completely melted. The moment that I had been dreaming of for the past 8 years was happening!

It was a busy day in the French Quarter, so complete strangers surrounded us and cheered us on as I laughed, cried, and danced in excitement. it was even sweeter that my best friend, now my matron of honor, shared in this day with me since I helped Connor plan their engagement two years earlier. It took a while for the ring to even make it onto my finger because we couldn’t stop hugging and telling each other how much we love one another. After we took our pictures, we decided to wait until we headed to lunch to call our family- who were all patiently waiting by their phones- so that we could enjoy the short hour of just the four of us knowing. We ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, Drago’s in Metairie, and then visited our parents and grandparents to relish in the excitement with them!

We are getting married on November 30, 2019- just after our 9 year anniversary- and there are no words to describe how lucky and blessed I am that God chose me to be my high school sweethearts wife! We will be celebrating our special day at The Greenery at Liuzza Land in Amite, Louisiana with 10 attendants on each side, and approximately 250 of our closest family and friends. We will be celebrating our honeymoon skiing in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada where the 2010 Olympics were held. We are thankful for our family and friends for celebrating us in this exciting season of our lives. We are looking forward to our little forever!