Mallary and Mark


How We Met

Mark and I met on our first day of college while moving into the dorms at San Diego State University.


We were both assigned to the 7th floor of the Tenochca dorms – his room was on the boys side and mine was on the girls.



I still remember meeting his mom in the hallway that first day.



I lived in a larger overflow room so most people wanted to stop in and check it out since it was different from the rest.


After quickly peeking into my room, she introduced herself and proceeded to tell me how cute her son was and that she was going to bring him by to show him my ‘unique’ dorm room.


Sure enough, she retrieved him from his room and brought him over.


The second Mark walked through my door my heart skipped a beat.


He was SO cute (his mom was right) and shy. Needless to say, we clicked immediately.


From that day forward we remained close friends until three years later when he took me out on our first official date.


The rest is history!

how they asked

Saturday morning, July 23, 2016, Mark and I woke up and decided it was the perfect day for a beach walk. Coffee in hand, we took our usual morning beach walk along the shore but this time we decided to walk nearly double the distance as we usually do.

Each of us lost in thought from the busy week before and enjoying the beautiful morning spent with our toes in the sand, side by side. We got back from our walk and we were planning out our day when I got a text from our friend asking if we wanted to meet her at a nearby park to join her for a lunch picnic.

After discussing, we thought it would be perfect timing to grab sandwiches and head to the park for a quick bite before running our errands that day.

When we got to the park, Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach, Mark scouted out a seat on the grass for us. Since our friend wasn’t there just yet Mark asked if I wanted to play frisbee while we waited and quickly ran to the car to retrieve it. Little did I know, spoiler alert, that the run back to the car also entailed grabbing the ring.

He came back, picked me up, put his arms around me and said the most beautiful words about me and our future together (from what I can remember in my mind-blown state). The park is posted on a hill so our view was overlooking San Diego’s downtown and beautiful beaches, the city where we fell in love.

He was tearing up and in that moment I felt like the luckiest girl in the World. Mark dropped the Frisbee exposing the hidden ring box, got to one knee and asked me the words I had been dreaming to hear him to say – “Will you marry me?”.



Much to my surprise the whole day was a big elaborate plan – long walk on the beach, picking up lunch from our favorite place, getting me to the park, seated in the perfect location, hidden photographer in place, friend ‘running late’, frisbee game invitation… the whole thing!

We have been together for over six years and we can’t wait to get married next June 2017!

Special Thanks

Nicole Leever