Maliza and Jeremy

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

How We Met

Jeremy and I matched on Tinder in the summer of 2016 (we still lie, to this day, that we met at the supermarket). After talking for almost a month, we decided to go see a movie (Finding Dory, ha!) together on a Sunday afternoon. We met-up for either lunch or dinner every single day following that week! Fast forward almost six months, and I had to move in with Jeremy and his roommate after my condo underwent a major renovation. That’s when we realized what we had was so special and could weather whatever came our way. Over the next year, we met each other’s families, moved in together and adopted a kitten (on Instagram under @acatnamedned). -Maliza

How They Asked

Jeremy and I were abroad with my family visiting my sister studying in Florence, Italy over her spring break. Each day we had planned to take the train to explore nearby cities. On 3.19.19 (a Tuesday), we bought tickets to Venice. That morning, nothing seemed off except my dad left the house with a large baseball bat bag on his back. When I asked him what it was, he said a gift for my mom (which didn’t flag as out of the ordinary knowing him). On the ride up, Jeremy was calm as ever as we watched tv shows on his iPad and drank coffee. Once we got to Venice, Jeremy and my dad went over to the water taxi stand to buy tickets while my mom, sister and I took pictures near the water (in total awe of this city)!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

We rode the taxi to a stop near the Rialto Bridge. My dad and sister quickly darted off to what I’d soon learn where to find a gondola and set-up her camera. While Jeremy and I were looking around some shops with my mom and grandma, he got a call from my dad. He quickly said, “Your sister really wants to ride in a gondola to get pictures for her Instagram, so we need to go meet her before it leaves!” We ran over to where she was and jumped in. My dad left to meet up with my mom, and the next time I saw him was draping the sign (which was rolled inside that baseball bag) from the Rialto Bridge. I knew what was happening when Jeremy asked me to read it and reached for his right pocket. It read ‘Veux-tu m’epouser?’ or, ‘Will you marry me?’ in French. I took French all four years in high school, and in Jeremy’s words, “It just wouldn’t have been as fun in English, and neither of us knows Italian.” -Maliza

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