Malin and Charlie

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How We Met

Charlie and I met our senior year of highschool, as far as we both knew we were just friends on “MySpace” and friends at highschool. He was in the football crowd while, while I was in the quiet crowd. We rarely ever made any conversation, but when we did it was a quick “Hi!” In the hallway between classes. I always made the joke with him saying in a British accent “Ouch Charlie, you bit my’s still hurting!” But we never really said anything after that. Senior year then came around, and it was around our Febuary vacation break when I saw Charlie in the hallway that day and we did our usual “hi!” And we were on our way to classes…or so I thought. That day went from good to bad, and I thought maybe it was just because it was Friday the 13th. The bell rang and it was 2:15 the time we all waited for! seniors last vacation till graduation. I jumped in my car and grabbed a couple of my friends and planned on driving them home, when I was stopped leaving the highschool parking lot when all the sudden I hear “Malinnnnnnn!” I looked over to my surprise and It was Charlie hanging with his football buddies laughing and having a good time. We chatted for a good few minutes when my friends were getting impatient and wanting to get home. That’s when Charlie leaned into my car and asked me to kiss him. After 3 times his charm got me and I gave a small peck& we exchanged phone numbers. I called him after I dropped off my friends just to make sure I got the right number I quickly hung up once I heard his voice. We eventually hung out over February vacation, where he took me to Blue Hills Reservation when the sun started to set he leaned in for another kiss and asked me if i would be his girlfriend of course I said yes. Fast forwarding we finished and graduated highschool, and were known as the highschool sweethearts. In the past 7 years, we learned to grow together purchasing our first apartment at the ages of 21 & 20, then by the age of 25 and 24 we bought our own home.

how they asked

It was the beginning of my vacation, and it was the day of our anniversary . Charlie woke up early like always and let me snooze for a little, gave me a kiss and with excitement he kept saying “Happy 7 years babe!” ” I love you Malin”. I kept thinking happy 7 years, but why do you keep saying my name after you say I love you?. So then I woke up, got out of bed and he had a bottle of champagne ready to crack open and make a toast…which then again I thought was out of the ordinary but I brushed it off. It wasn’t till time was getting closer for us to go to NH for the ice castles when he dissapered, that’s when I looked out the window I saw him running around our block with the most focused face on, and it dawned on me something was up with him but I’m not going to question him. I texted my best friend thru out the day and kept saying Charlie is acting so weird, I don’t know what to do or say to him- she told me he’s okay maybe he’s just excited it’s your anniversary. Well fast forward, we made it to the castles and it was absolutely breathtaking, I remember walking to the balcony part and overlooking the whole castles and seeing people come and go, when I went to turn and show Charlie when he wasn’t beside me anymore. My heart sank for a moment, thinking he’s down in the crowd and didn’t see me up here, or he fell. That’s when I hear hey! I’m right here ! i looked down and he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand and asked “Malin, will you marry me?” I couldn’t respond I was so speechless and in awe that this was really happening. After a few minutest later, with tears streaming down my face and my hands shaking the words “Yes” came out of my mouth.

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