Malia and Samuel

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How We Met

Sam and I first crossed paths when we were 16 at a retreat at my church called Happening. I saw this guy with shaggy skater boy hair, a bandana and sperrys. I thought he was the bees knees. I did not get much of a chance to speak with him that weekend. But luckily a couple of months later, we were both on ‘staff’ during Happening at HIS church this time and were able to spend much more time together. He played guitar, he loved God as much as I did and he was so goofy, I had hit the jackpot. Sam and I became really good friends but I didn’t have a license, cell phone and unfortunately I was not allowed to date until I was 18. We went our separate ways. College and life got in the way. I always kept his phone number and luckily for me, he never changed it. Christmas day 2013 I sent a mass snapchat and the first person who sent one back was SAM! I could not contain my excitement. We met for drinks that same week and everything just clicked again!

how they asked

It was a long hot day. We went to Flower Mound to visit his parents, I was also getting my hair done (his mom is a hairdresser and did it at her house). I was stuck inside waiting for my hair to set, while everyone else was outside in the pool relaxing.

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I finally went out to say hello and everyone got really quiet. I thought nothing of it. But when we left the house I was feeling like I didn’t get to visit with his parents or sister much at all! I was bummed because I wanted to hangout with everyone and hadn’t gotten to. We went to run some errands before heading back to Celina. His dad called and asked Sam to pick something up at church. We took a detour and went over to his church. I was fresh out of the shower, no makeup, hair not done. And did I mention it was so hot outside?! Sam begged me to get out of the car to help him pick up the thing for his dad.

I refused to get out of the car. I just wanted to get home. He eventually was able to coax me and our dog, Titan, out of the car. I reluctantly held his hand and followed him over the bridge on his church property (The same spot he had asked me to be his girlfriend) Sam started being mushy and talking about how when he first met me he knew I was the one. He got down on one knee and immediately I snapped out of my bad mood. Sam pulled out a beautiful wooden ring box (he spent weeks carving it out by hand) and opened the box. There was no ring in it! He pretended like he had no idea where it was, then called Titan over. He removed Titans bandana and the ring was safely pinned to the inside.

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Sam unpinned it and said “Malia, will you marry me?” I said “OF COURSE” We did not have anyone take photos as it happened, it was just us, very intimate and personal.

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Sam does not enjoy taking selfies, but he insisted that we took a selfie with Titan.

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We returned back to his parents house in Flower Mound and they were there waiting with a bottle of champagne! They had all been planning our engagement all day and I had NO IDEA!

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