Malia and Jeff

How We Met

I was working as a cocktail waitress in downtown Las Vegas at the time while in College. I wouldn’t get off until 2 or 3 am and being the night owl I was, I would have to wind down before returning home for bed. I am also a singer and recently started performing small shows in the downtown Las Vegas arts community at that time. I found a bar on my walk to my car one night called Don’t Tell Mama, I immediately noticed the live pianist with the opportunity to sing live. I went in and there was this cute blonde guy bartending. Immediately, we became best friends. We bonded over our love to sing. By the end of the night, he gave me his number. I, unfortunately, lost it so I went back in two days later to get it again. We would spend 3-4 times a week going to get food once we both got off at 3 downtown. This led to him asking me on a date, and on the second date, I never returned back to the place I was renting from. By the end of the month I had moved into his apartment then a week later we got our first house together. We would create our little family of two doggies and us. 7 months later, he proposed. Now a year and a half later, we will be getting married in 2 months outside the city he grew up in California!

how they asked

We had originally planned to go to a place called Opportunity Village to look at Christmas lights with his mom and dad. We get to the parking lot and no one was there, and the place was all dark- it had gotten shut down for high winds. This was in Las Vegas so that is typically unheard of. His parents were in on it and I had a feeling all night that he was planning on something. His parents decide to go get dinner instead and we join them.

While at dinner I explained that this place across town had a water show with fake snow and a Christmas light garden and I would still like to go look at lights. Jeff’s parents decide to stay in for the night, not thinking Jeff would do the proposal without them, they went home.

We got to the place and waited for the show. Jeff was acting antsy and he looked like he was constantly concerned. We decided to get a drink at the bar while waiting and I explained that this place just so happened to be my favorite place to go as a young kid.

They would have a water show and a wolf would come out every hour and I would make my parents stay to watch it. Suddenly Jeff became more nervous (I found out later the meaning behind the place sparked him to go ahead and propose). When the show started he wouldn’t let me finish my wine before he was already down at the bridge where the snow was falling and the water show was happening. He was yelling at me to hurry.

I get down to the bridge and before I know it I turn to look at the water then turn back and a stranger had Jeff’s phone recording a video and Jeff was facing me. He was so nervous all he got out was “I love you, and I want to do the thing… so I’m going to do the thing.” He got down on one knee and all he could get out was “Will you ma….” before he got all choked up. It was so beautiful and amazing. Time stood still as I saw the ring while (fake) snow fell around us and the water lights lit up the place. I will always remember it.