Malerie and Hadden

Proposal Ideas At a photoshoot we were “modeling” for.

How We Met

Hadden and I met our senior year of high school. We didn’t go to the same high school, but he had some friends at mine, and would come to basketball games there. We noticed each other and then eventually Hadden messaged me. We talked for a while over text the night that he messaged me and kind of just hit it off.

Malerie and Hadden's Engagement in At a photoshoot we were “modeling” for.

Where to Propose in At a photoshoot we were “modeling” for.

How They Asked

We have modeled before for Shana (Shana Lynn Photography) and saw her one day in September in Walmart where she asked us to model again for her for a Christmas shoot. Of course, we agreed, because we had so much fun modeling for her previously! Little did I know that this was all in the plan for Hadden to propose. He had asked Shana to set it up like this. Fast forward to November 30th, the day of our “modeling” shoot. We went through a lot of the session when Shana asked us to put our backs to each other.

She then said to take three steps away from each other and to think about things that we love about each other while doing so. I thought that would make for an odd picture, but Shana knows her stuff, so I went with it. Then she said to turn around on the count of three.

She counted down and when I turned around, there Hadden was, down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring. He asked if I would marry him and I, of course, said yes! After this, we had some more photos taken, and then Hadden had planned a party for us to go to his house. All of our friends and family were there. It was perfect!

Special Thanks

Shana Ortega
 | Photographer