Maleena and Ryan

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How We Met

We met back in High School, but Ryan would say I was part of “the popular crowd” so he never asked me out. We met up 5 years later and by the end of the conversation, Ryan asked me to call him sometime. I said, if he really wanted to ask me out he better pick up the phone and call me. He did and the next day my country man picked me up in his lifted truck, blasting his country music and took me on the best last-first date. I knew I was falling for him right then and there.

how they asked

Ryan and I had shared so many weekend getaways together. So when he asked if I wanted to take a trip down to the Oregon Coast, I was instantly on board. He had asked my father’s permission a few weeks prior while flyfishing, and soon the word spread to everyone in my family. I had absolutely no idea.

The morning of the proposal, Ryan asked if I wanted to take a walk on the beach. I said, “Yeah! Let’s go!” I was rocking a top knot and sweat pants. I was clearly ready. My sweet man suggested that perhaps I would like to go ahead and get ready for the day since we would be going to Tillamook right after our beach walk. So, naturally I did what any girl would do…I took my time getting ready. Ryan was pacing back and forth. I told him to eat a muffin thinking he was getting ‘h-angry’.

Once we walked out of our room at the Tolovanna Inn and down to the beach, it was pouring rain and 30 mph winds. There was no one on the beach (for good reason). We braved the wind and rain and set out to get pictures together at Haystack rock. We went to set up my phone to take a photo of us, but then Ryan’s hat blew off and flew down the beach. After we chased his hat down we went to take his phone out of his pocket and then the room key-card fell out and blew down the beach…so we chased that down the beach. Mind you, I am positive I saw a few people watching our silly display from their cozy rooms, laughing at the sight of us chasing our belongings in a wind and rain storm.

Finally, we got my phone proped up between some beach wood to take some photos. Ryan had me turn it on video so we could just take screen shots. Ryan turned me towards him and got down on one knee, and right there asked me to be his forever.

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I was so surprised, in the video all you can hear is the wind, until we are hugging and then you can hear me yell, “Oh my gosh!”.

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We spent the rest of the day calling our family to tell them the exciting news, but the person we couldn’t wait to tell the most, was our daughter. As soon as we told her, she screamed with excitement and asked if there would be cake. We laughed tell we cried.

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The rest of our wedding story is on our photographers page for those who want to read the rest.

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Special Thanks

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