Maleah and Angus

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How We Met

Angus and I met in our second year of college at Cal State Northridge. I played soccer for the school and he was friends with majority of the athletes. My girlfriend started dating his friend/roommate on the baseball team. The two of them thought they should try and hook us up. When the opportunity approached me I was very much in “single mode.” I was not ready for a relationship but loved hanging out with him and our group of friends so I went with the flow. We eventually dated off and on for a few months, because I was having issues with figuring out what I want. Angus decided he couldn’t do it anymore because it was messing with his heart. He talked to girls, and I talked to guys. About 4 months later I heard he had started dating a girl from his hometown. This absolutely scared me to the thought that I may never had a chance with him again. From that moment I knew he was something to me. We continued to hang out consistently throughout the rest of the semester as friends. When finals hit I knew he was going back home so I decided to write him a letter with all of my feelings. I didn’t want to regret not trying. Ultimately the letter told him I was in love and couldn’t let him get away. I remember the night so clearly. It was May 9, 2008. After he read it he came over to my apartment and told me he had the same feelings. The moment was sealed with an incredible kiss and we were officially “together.” Since that very moment until now we are still happy in love and now engaged.

how they asked

It was Valentines Day morning at 7:15am. From what we had discussed we both wanted to sleep in then go to brunch around 10:00am. We recently got a new puppy so every morning we have woken up early to feed him and let him outside to go to the bathroom. That morning I heard him fidgeting around but thought nothing of it. Before I knew it one of the most sweetest songs was playing and in walks our puppy with a big red now around his neck with a shiny something attached. He walked in and said, “babe, Zeus has a present for you.” As I pulled him up onto our bed I saw the most beautiful ring and he was down on one knee proposing. It’s been 7.5 years and I always imagined crying at that moment, but because I was in so much shock and just overwhelmed all I could do is hold him tight and kiss him. This was the beginning of something new for us and we’re so excited!

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