Malaina and Rishabh

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How We Met

We met through some mutual friends. I became great friends with some international students who all lived in the same house. He was their neighbor. We both spent so much time at their house. They ended up going back to their home countries and left the two of us here in the US alone. We just started to spend a lot of time together and it is all history from there!

how they asked

Rishabh told me that we were going to my sister’s house for a going away surprise party for our friend. That morning, I took our friend Neel to church while Rishabh stayed behind to decorate for his party. I was texting him all morning “Ok, we will be there in an hour.” “Neel and I are going to get my parents, we will be there soon.” I was trying to help him out with timings for the surprise.

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Once I walked in, I turned the corner and saw a bunch of decorations and pictures hung up in my sister’s living room. They were a bunch of pictures of me, my family and friends followed by a huge string of pics of him and I. I looked over and saw a sign saying “If you’re wondering what is going on, say ‘Alexa, my girl.'” (My Girl by Dylan Scott is a song that he heard 8 months back that he said reminds him a lot of me. Since saying that, we jam to it all of the time.)

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He programmed Alexa to say, in summary, “If you’re wondering what’s going on, you see a bunch of pictures depicting your childhood and life. You have played a role as daughter, sister, friend and now it’s time for you to play a new role. You will find out just how special you are in a minute, but one of the big reasons is because you’re ‘My Girl'” The song starts playing and Rishabh walks down the stairs finally into sight and choreographs a dance to My Girl. He holds up pics which depict the lyrics of the song- me not wearing make-up, me holding a baby, and a picture of my eyes.

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Finally, he got down on his knee and said the sweetest words and asked me to marry him!

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