Malachi and Molly

How We Met

As odd as it may sound, Malachi and I first met accidentally online. Malachi “liked” my profile so I went to his to check him out. I saw Malachi’s profile and I messaged him asking if he worked at Menards as he looked oddly familiar.

Quick back story… My sister, Marnie, and I would always go to Menards with our parents. No, we didn’t go for the endless stacks of lumber or the countless cans of paint; we went to look at the cute, cart boys. One summer afternoon Marnie and I were sitting in the front seat of the vehicle, parked right next to the cart return, and out walked this cute cart boy. His name… Malachi. Now Marnie and I didn’t know how the heck to pronounce that so we just called him Malachee.

Now back to the first meeting. He found me on Facebook on March 31, 2012, the day before my 18th birthday. He tried messaging me on the dating site, but since we only had the free version where you couldn’t send/receive more than a few messages, he turned to Facebook. After talking to him for just a few minutes, we instantly started to hit it off. We shared the same sense of humor, similar interests, and the same competitive nature. Malachi was the first one to wish me a happy birthday the next day. He put butterflies in my stomach and a cheesy smile on my face. We talked for a couple of weeks and decided that we should officially meet. Since I was VERY shy in high school I decided it would be best if I brought a friend and her date. We all met up at the Marshfield Country Club for a riveting round of golf. Well, not really. The ground was extremely wet as it had just rained the night before, Malachi and I didn’t really talk too much, and my friend’s date was a total bust. Never the less, we still had a good time. Malachi was quick to text me after we left to tell me that he enjoyed the day and that we should do it again. There was that cheesy smile plastered all over my face again. And the rest was history. Well not quite. We continued to talk here and there, and as the conversations slowly started to dwindle I realized that I had an unexplainable feeling about him. So, I began to pray to God that if He would just allow the timing to work out and give us the opportunity to get to know each other more, that I know we would be great together. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t then and we both went different ways.

Fast forward to the fall and we decided to try golfing once more, but this time it was just us. I had just come from my last class at UW-Marshfield and I wasn’t really dressed for golf, but Malachi insisted. We shared his clubs and I golfed in flip flops – not recommended. Now that day we talked a bit more, but I still wasn’t getting the impression that he liked me as more than a friend. However, he claims that because he touched my butt with a golf club that day that I should have figured it out. My bad.

Once again, we went our separate ways and it wasn’t until that winter I asked him if he would like to go to a UWSP hockey game with me. Now by this time I was a little less shy, but still not 100% sure where we stood. I picked Malachi up at Menards and we drove to Stevens Point. From Marshfield to Stevens Point is about a 40-minute drive and I swear that that was the most stressful 40 minutes of my life. Was he judging my driving? What are we going to talk about? Does he like the music I am playing? Should I sing? Gosh, Molly just don’t embarrass yourself. We survived and eventually made it to Stevens Point. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Noodles and Co. and then headed over to the game. Now I can’t tell you who they played or what the final score was, but I can tell you that we saw the Zambieber. You are probably wondering… what the heck is the Zambieber?! Well… the Zamboni driver looked just like Justin Bieber… or so Malachi claims. Malachi even found it necessary to ask a few people in the audience with a side by side comparison on his phone. The game ended and I drove him back to Menards in Marshfield. And again… we went our separate ways.

From the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2014 we didn’t really talk much. I started working at Menards, Malachi joined the fly team at Menards (which meant he worked out in Minot, North Dakota), we each had a few different relationships, and I was close to finishing my last semester before completing my Associate’s Degree.

In early 2014, Malachi came back from Minot and he began working as carryout and shortly thereafter moved to the garden center and I had transferred from being a cashier to working in the Building Materials department. Now building materials and the garden center have a bit of a cross over so we ended up seeing each other a lot throughout the day. We finally began to rekindle our friendship that we started almost two years ago. The end of that March I had gotten out of my relationship. I was telling my friend, another Menards worker, all about it one day when Malachi came over and immediately went, “What?! You didn’t tell me that you broke up with (insert name of the person here)!” I looked over at him confused as I didn’t know I was supposed to share that information with him. The butterflies started to enter my stomach and again the cheesy smile spread across my face. We began to talk more and more followed by hours spent in the Menards parking lot after our shifts ended just so we could continue our conversations. Now I am going to spare you the story of the dead mouse, but just know that he threw one at me.

Toward the end of April, my cousin’s wedding approached and I started to look for people from Menards that were going to attend and in walks Malachi. I asked Malachi if he got invited and he said yes, but he probably wasn’t going to go. He told me he didn’t know anyone attending so it would be a bit awkward. Now, remember how I said I was shy? That was definitely not the case anymore. I told Malachi that he should go because I was going and didn’t want to end up there alone. Malachi, because he is the most stubborn person I know, besides myself, told me that the only way he was going to go was if I “officially asked him.” Not happening. I gave it a few days and he continued following me through the aisles of Menards telling me that “If you want me to go all you have to do is ask…” accompanied by that dumb grin on his face. Ok, it’s not dumb. It was actually really cute, but like heck, I was going to tell him that. I decided to stop tormenting the poor boy and finally asked. Obviously, he said yes and we agreed upon a time to meet up.

April 26, 2014, was my cousin’s wedding. Malachi and I texted briefly throughout the day and I waited for him to show up to the reception at 7:00 PM. 7:00 came and there was no Malachi. 7:30 came and still no Malachi. 8:00 was there and still he had not shown up. I was getting a little upset because this guy made me practically beg him to go and now he wasn’t there. 8:30 rolls around and after some strongly worded texts by me, he finally walks in. We talk a bit before heading on to the dance floor. A few songs, Malachi decides to take his shoes off and attempt the moonwalk. In this time, a marine from the wedding party that I had danced with earlier, grabbed my hand and twirled me to the other side of the dance floor. Now if Malachi had just shown up when he was supposed to, I wouldn’t have had the few dances with this marine before. Malachi gets upset and walks off the floor to talk with some coworkers. The song ends and I have to, once again, practically beg him to come and dance. We danced until the music stopped and I walked Malachi out to his car. We gave each other a quick hug and I slowly turned to walk away. Malachi then proceeds to ask for another hug. If you ask Malachi, apparently, I ran back for another hug, but it was really just a quick walk because it was very cold out, raining, and I was in a dress. I left that night and texted him all the way home. In those texts, I had finally gotten Malachi to admit that he liked me. Like liked me. ? On May 10, Malachi and I had our first OFFICIAL date. He came over to my parents’ house in Greenwood and we played Just Dance until we left to go to Stevens Point for an American Authors concert. We once again ate and Noodles and Co. and spent the rest of the night listening to the band play. It was a really great night!

It’s Official!: And then we didn’t talk for months again… just kidding! Malachi asked me to be his girlfriend in the first aisle of the Menards garden center on May 12, 2014 – how romantic, I know.

The beginning of our relationship was a bit of a struggle as I had left for UW-Stout in September and he stayed in Marshfield. We saw each other every other weekend or even sometimes only once a month. We made it work and I moved back for the summer of 2015. In the fall of 2015, Malachi joined me at UW-Stout and we took the campus by storm – ok, not really, but we did a lot of stuff together. Moving forward a year, I was set to graduate on December 17, 2016, while Malachi still had one semester to complete. During his last semester, I had moved back to Marshfield, got my own apartment, and started my big-girl job. I still saw Malachi every other weekend and we counted down the days until he came home. In May of 2017, Malachi and I moved in together. My apartment became ours and we were finally developing a routine. Now we had been together for just over three years and I was starting to wonder if Malachi was ever going to ask me to marry him. He was often showed Pinterest boards of wedding ideas, engagement rings, and asked a million times how and when he would do it. Malachi never answered.

How They Asked

In June of 2018, Malachi came on our family vacation with us. We drove to Charleston, South Carolina and made a few pitstops on the way. Our first full day in South Carolina, June 25, was spent in Folly Beach swimming in the ocean, eating, and walking along the pier. The day was slowly coming to an end, we all had a terrible sunburn, were covered in sand, were exhausted, and not to mention it was going to storm. We decided we would head out to the end of the pier before we began our drive back to the hotel. We got to the end of the pier and we could see the storm clouds rolling in. Malachi suggested we should go up to the second level of the pier and take some pictures. After taking a few pictures, Malachi asked if my family could come up and record a video of us as he wanted to reenact a skit from a tv show. My dad was the only one that came up. My mom and sister stayed below because they were hot, irritable, tired, and Marnie had just been pooped on. Malachi began explaining the skit to me and I had no clue what he was talking about. After a few failed explanations I just went along with what he said and we stood back to back. We were then supposed to take three steps away from each other, turn, and make a *pew* sound. Well… I was the only one that did that because when I turned around Malachi was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

Honestly… I still can’t remember what he even said because I was so surprised. I just kept shaking my head, yes and eventually the ring was on my finger and I had a fiancé. Marnie and my mom had no idea what was happening so they ran up the stairs, yes, literally ran, and began to cry. Marnie threw her sunglasses and water bottle down on the floor as tears streamed down her face and she ran to us for a hug. Apparently, she was “just so happy,” but I still think it might have something to do with being tired and having a bird poop on her head. The rest of the trip couldn’t have gotten any better as we began it as a dating couple and were ending it with being engaged.