Makyla and Isaia

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How We Met

Isaia and I met each other the first day of college and were instantly best friends. We quickly realized that both of us were young at heart when all I wanted to talk about was Disney and all he wanted to talk about was Super heroes. We spent every second of every day together, but we tried our best not to like each other because Isaia was soon moving to Mexico. Even though we tried our best to just be friends we obviously were in love with each other and everyone knew it.

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So there we were at the airport and about to say goodbye when I told Isaia “I have to tell you something” and before I could say another word he told me “I love you Makyla”. Over the next two years Isaia and I talked every week even though we were thousands of miles apart. We constantly talked about when he would come back and us finally being together. Those two years seemed like they would never end until the fateful day when he came back. I surprised him at his home and we both could not stop saying how much we loved and missed each other as we hugged and cried.

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how they asked

We then spent everyday together after that where we lived out adventures in at our home, Oahu, Hawaii. We have both never been happier and one September 3rd 2018, Isaia asked if I would marry him. I of course said yes and we decided to take engagement photos in Disneyland! The photos shown were shot in November by the amazing Allie Catalanotto and we have truly never been happier.

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