Makinna and Tyler

Image 1 of Makinna and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I first met in Kelowna, British Columbia while I was studying at University – he was actually there visiting a friend that went to the same school. The next year he transferred to UBCO and we ended up in the same program. After our friend groups merged we ended up living in the same apartment building on different floors, and well the rest is history.

how they asked

Tyler and I had a hike we did for the past couple of summers. So typically, we were planning on doing it again this summer. On the Wednesday before June 23, Tyler mentioned that we should do our hike and camp that weekend. I thought nothing of it. So on June 23rd, 2018, I woke up from a bachelorette party for a girlfriend feeling slightly less motivated than a regular Saturday morning, but none the less we headed out. Oh, and I can’t forget to add that it was pouring rain, definitely not hiking weather.

Image 2 of Makinna and Tyler

After I had a 3-hour nap (and Tyler sweating the entire trip hoping the rain would stop) we pulled into the parking lot and the rain had parted (thank god). We started our hike and got to the first lookout where we sat down on two perfectly placed rocks (of course, Tyler had placed them there the night before) looking at the view. As it started to rain a little I got up to continue to hike, the next couple seconds were a complete blur as Tyler told me “there is another reason we’re here”. As he stood me up and placed his hands on my waist and gave me a kiss and said the most amazing words I’ve ever heard the next thing I knew he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!!!

Image 3 of Makinna and Tyler

I was so taken back and excited!! I even asked him if this was a joke! (The things you say when you are too excited to think!!) and he said no it wasn’t a joke and that some very special people were here to celebrate with me. As I turned around I saw my little sister and Tyler’s little sister and burst into tears. I then saw my mom and dad and brother in law and all of Tyler’s family. Tyler had arranged for my family to fly out from various places in British Columbia and his from Alberta to surprise me. Tyler and his dad had gone to the campground the day before and planned everything, they even secretly marked the trail for the rest of the family to make sure they found the spot!

Image 4 of Makinna and Tyler

After a mountaintop shotgun and some champagne, I learned that we were all camping for the night to celebrate! When we got down to the campground it was so beautiful, AND a double rainbow appeared! I was literally speechless.

Our families spent the night celebrating and reminiscing and Tyler and I can’t wait to be husband and wife!

Image 6 of Makinna and Tyler

Image 5 of Makinna and Tyler