Makenzie and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I grew up in the small town of Damascus, Virginia. We have known one another since we were approximately eight years old. We grew up in the same church, same school, same little league field, etc. Luke even had my mother as his homeroom teacher in seventh grade. It was then that my mother said, “You should talk to that Luke Wampler boy, he is a cutie and seems to be well mannered.” My response, “Oh no, mom! He is not my type.” Well, little did I know, a few short years later when I was a sophomore and he was a junior in high school, he was just my type. They say that momma’s always know best and I thank God for that! Luke and I dated through high school and through college where we had to endure a long distance relationship with Luke being at the University of Alabama. It was difficult but they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder and now that we are engaged, I absolutely believe that! Luke and I have been together eight years this year. I cannot wait to begin this chapter in our lives and grow in our relationship as husband and wife.

How They Asked

Luke and I have always planned to build a house on his farm in Damascus, Virginia. We would often walk to the spot on top of this hill on his farm where we would imagine our front porch being placed in perfect alignment with the mountains. We would envision our children playing on the porch and rocking in our chairs when we became grandparents. Luke has always had a thing for tinkering with old trucks and like I said before, we make sacrifices for one another. I do not know anything about trucks but I have tried to learn simply because I enjoy being with him. We had an old truck that we had been working on that fall and it was finally starting to run great! Fast forward, on the day of our engagement, it was a Friday. October 6th, 2017 to be exact. We both had had a long week of student teaching and observing in the school systems that we were working with for our degrees. Luke had told me that he had used the truck that we had been working on to feed cattle that morning and it broke down at the top of the hill at the exact spot we want to build our home. We had planned to go out to eat for our weekly date night but he had asked me to help him with his truck before we left. He said it wouldn’t take long and he grabbed his small tool box. We started out the back door and began to walk up the hill. I complained the whole way about having to walk up the hill rather than ride the Gator, which is what we normally drive around the farm in. He simply replied with, “It is a beautiful evening, let’s just walk! You look beautiful.” Still complaining, we walked up the hill to see a beautiful sunset. I was avoiding cow patties as we walked up the hill which I giggle at every time I think back to that beautiful day. As we were walking, Luke’s tool box popped open and he got down on his knees to pick up what had fell out. As I started to bend down to help him, he got up on one knee and simply said, “Makenzie Richardson, will you be my wife?” I was overwhelmed with joy and regret for complaining. I cried and leaped into his arms as he slid the most beautiful ring on my finger. Little did I know, the truck was not broken down and my mother, his mother, and my little sister were hiding behind the truck ready to take pictures and greet us with excitement! It was a perfectly planned and simple. I could not have imagined a better proposal. I know that our wedding day will be even more special.

Special Thanks