Makenzie and Jim

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Liberty Lake, WA

How We Met

Jim is from Youngstown, OH and Makenzie was born and raised in a small town called Liberty Lake, WA. The 4th of July is a pretty big deal in Liberty Lake, WA where Makenzie’s dad is infamous for winning the best float in the Liberty Lake parade. Jim knew how much Makenzie’s family and her hometown meant to her, so he invited his family (mom, dad, two sisters, two brother in laws, and his three nieces and nephews all under the age of 3) to travel across the country from Ohio to celebrate the 4th. Little did Makenzie know, they would be doing a lot more than just celebrating the 4th of July. On July 1st, Makenzie and Jim’s family had made plans to get babysitters from all the grandkids and head to dinner that night.

how they asked

Before dinner, they were headed on a boat cruise around the lake that Makenzie grew up on. Makenzie’s mom was busy passing out appetizers when all of a sudden Makenzie’s dad stopped the boat and turned off the music. Jim made his way up from the back of the boat to the front and started his toast, “This week is a time of celebration and there’s no one I’d rather celebrate life with than Makenzie for the rest of my life.”

Makenzie's Proposal in Liberty Lake, WA

He proceeded to get down on one knee in Makenzie’s favorite place in the whole world in front of both families.


They proceeded to pop champagne and several of Makenzie’s neighbors and friends had been in the “know” the entire time, so boats full of friends and family pulled around the pontoon and popped champagne as well.


Boats horns were going, champagne was being popped and there was a whole lot of love and tears. They proceeded to head back to the dock to dock the boat when Makenzie saw her nieces and nephews running down the side walk in shirts that said, “She said YES!”




They headed to Makenzie’s favorite restaurant that night where they shut down the restaurant where several toasts, dancing and so much happiness filled the room.


The following day they went on a “party on a bike” tour of Coeur d’Alene stopping at several breweries along the way. Makenzie and Jim plan to get married on Coeur d’Alene lake next August.


To top off an amazing trip, Makenzie’s dad won the best float on the 4th of July.