Makenzie and James

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How We Met

James and Makenzie were born in hometowns that are across the country. Jim is from Ohio and Makenzie is from a small lake town called Liberty Lake, WA. Makenzie grew up close to everyone that lived on this quaint little lake outside of Spokane, Washington.

how they asked

Jim’s family had flew in all the way from Ohio for the 4th of July. Liberty Lake is known to throw one good 4th of July party and Makenzie’s dad has been known to win the 4th of July float a time or two.

Jim was well aware of how much the lake, neighbors and Makenzie’s family meant to her. He also wanted his family to be apart of the celebration as well. Between Jim and Makenzie they have seven nieces and nephews.

Babysitters showed up at 4pm to take all seven of the kids so the adults could go for a cruise on Makenzie’s dad’s boat and to “pizza.”

On the cruise around Liberty Lake, Makenzie’s mom, Marla, better known as Marla Stewart, handed out appetizers and lots of cold beer. All of a sudden, Makenzie’s dad slowed the boat and turned off the music in the exact location where Makenzie could be found turtle hunting or in a paddle boat as a small child. Jim came from the back of the boat with a toast for the celebration of families and got down on one knee.

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From there, it was a HUGE celebration. Makenzie’s neighbors and friends from around the lake pulled their boats up and honked their horns and popped champagne.

Upon arrival to the dock, the babysitter had managed to put all 7 kids under the age of 5 in shirts that said, “She said yes!” All the kiddos ran to Jim and Makenzie on the dock and gave the biggest hugs ever.

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Both families proceeded to CDA, Idaho where they went to Makenzie’s favorite Greek restaurant. Both of the families closed the restaurant down by standing on chairs and doing traditional plate smashes and several toasts and dances for the happy couple.

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Cheers to August 19, 2017!!!!!!

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