Makenna and Tylar

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How We Met

We were both theater/show choir people in middle school and high school. I reached out to him after a show at his high school/my future high school. After a few months of casually texting, we met in person on my first day of high school.

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How They Asked

We went to four proms together (he was two grades ahead of me). On our sixth anniversary, he meant to do it where we had always taken photos, but I was very adamant about not taking anniversary photos where we’d taken so many prom photos. So at the last minute, I entirely changed plans for him. We took a few photos and then moved to a bridge. He said he had another idea for a photo and I could feel his heart RACING. The next thing I knew, he was on one knee and I was bawling.

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Special Thanks

Amberley (my mom!)
 | Photographer
Brandon (my brother!)
 | Planning