Makena and Daniel

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How We Met

The simple version of our story is we met through school and my sister and her at the time boyfriend who she is now married to!

The long cute version is: I transferred schools in ninth grade to where Daniel had been going. He told me he was immediately interested when he saw me standing in the sand which line for lunch. He didn’t know my name so he called me sandwich girl. Nothing happened that year. Come tenth grade he saw me at a high school celebration we call the “burning of the B” again nothing happened but he was still interested. Then eleventh grade came around and we were in the same prom group. Prom wasn’t the best for me I got ditched by my date and Daniel noticed and kept saying to his date/best friend I want to go and dance with her but again nothing happened. Looking back on it now we met at the most perfect time even though we kept being put into each others lives in one way or another. During the summer going into my senior year, my sister and her boyfriend had this big get together up big cottonwood canyon on July 8, 2013, and that is where I met him. We were all singing around the campfire and we kept making eye contact and every time I would get butterflies. A few of us wanted to go explore this cave we found and he and I were among the few I got nervous and he grabbed my hand and instant butterflies!! From then on we never left each other’s side.

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how they asked

If you read the how we met you know we have been together going on five years.. so me being me I was getting a little impatient. I would constantly bug him about it or get my hopes up when it didn’t happen. During this time we were doing long distance so I would only see him on the weekends so every weekend I would get my hopes up it would happen. And I would cry to my mom and she would say “be patient I know it’s coming”. So on the day it finally happened February 25 he came over to my house after church and we were just watching tv but he was on his phone more then normal and turning it away from me and he even left the room for like thirty minutes while on his phone so I was like “great he is texting another girl” so I was getting myself a little upset.

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Plus my whole family just suddenly left the house for one reason or another and I got mad about that too because I wasn’t gonna get yummy Sunday dinner! He knew something was up so he said “let’s go get food then Ice cream before I have to go back to school” this was really strange because we never go out on Sundays. But I didn’t think anything of it just thought he was trying to make me happy! So we get in the car and he said first I wanna take you to a place I know will make you happy but you have to blindfold your self and lay the seat all the way back so you can’t cheat.

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He wanted me to guess where we were going and I had NO idea so when we got really close he asked if I wanted a hint and of course I said YES!! So he turned on the song that we want to first dance to which was the song we first ever slow danced to at homecoming together in high school.. I immediately started bawling under the blindfold.

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He parked the car got me out still blindfolded and walked me over to a path. Took the blindfold off and there were flower petals on the path and candles lining it. We walked and he said some of the cutest things and I bawled. Both our families were there waiting for us at the exact bonfire spot where we met all those years ago and that is where he got down on one knee!:)

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