Makeba and Shawn

how we met

Shawn and I met via Facebook in January 2013. We were at the same party at one point, but never ran into each other. He saw me tagged in a few photos and decided to add me. Immediately after I added him, he started liking and commenting on all of my photos. I tried for as long as I could to play hard to get, but I ended up doing the same. We talked and flirted through messages for about a week, until I got sick with the flu. Jokingly I wrote to him “you should come and take care of me”. Within an hour, he was at my house with soup and orange juice. We ended up spending the entire weekend together marathoning Star Wars and haven’t spent a weekend apart since.

how they asked

Shawn and I are huge nerds, with my favorite fandom being Star Wars. I am also a hardcore Disney fan. One day in March 2015, he came in and set a box in front of me. I asked what it was and he said “an early birthday present (my birthday is May 21). I open the box and there are two Disney magic bands inside. He had booked a week long stay in Orlando for the week of my birthday, which was also Star Wars weekend in Disney World! As the months went on we were in planning mode, trying to book up every Star Wars themed event at the parks possible. Unfortunately, there were no seats available at any times for the Star Wars Galactic Dine-In Breakfast, which was what I really wanted to do. Oh well; we were going to Disney World, and one missed event wouldn’t hurt a dream trip! On the day before we were to fly out on our trip, Shawn surprised me with more great news. Somehow he was able to secure two spots for the Star Wars breakfast for the Wednesday we were going to be there. Now; my dream trip was the perfect dream trip.

Fast forward to Wednesday, May 20 2015 (the day before my birthday). We were preparing to go to Hollywood Studios for an epic Star Wars adventure, starting with breakfast. I was decked on in a Black Milk Boba Fett dress and my R2D2 mouse ears. When we got there, we were greeted by Boba Fett and Darth Vader, whom we got to take pictures with before being seated in car shaped dining tables. As we were waiting to be served, clips from all six movies were being played and characters were walking around interacting with guests. One of the characters was a Jawa, whom in the movies were scavengers who found items and bartered with people for different items. They were going around trading items with guests. When it came time for me to trade, I didn’t have anything worthwhile to trade, so I passed. After ten minutes or so, Shawn gets up for what I assumed was an extra long bathroom break. While he was gone, our server came and gave me a flashlight and told me to trade it to the Jawas for something nice. At this point; I was still in hype mode over being there and seeing all of the memories from my childhood all around me. I was excited to barter. A few minutes later, Shawn comes back and a Jawa is right beside him. He tells me to trade with the Jawa and so I did. The masked character put the flashlight in his bag, and dug deep to pull out a ring box. I was STILL very much in Star Wars mode, so in my mind I was thinking “this box is probably empty. I got duped. Just like in the movie”. All of the Stormtroopers and Greedo (Han shot first, by the way) had gathered around me now. It wasn’t until I saw Shawn drop to one knee that it all clicked. I was being proposed to. The girl who would rather watch wrestling than RomComs, read comic books than cooking books, was being proposed to in the most magical place on earth. I opened the tiny box, and inside was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life. I immediately started crying and nodding my head multiple times, as everyone in the restaurant started to clap and cheer.

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On the way out, we were allowed to take one last picture with Boba and Vader; this time as an engaged couple. If I could rank my life experiences; getting engaged in Disney World during Star Wars Weekend surrounded by Star Wars characters the day before my birthday is definitely number one.

Thank you so much to the staff at the Galactic Dine-In in Disney World Orlando for assisting in the most magical moment of our lives!