Makayla and Zack

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Zack and I had just got back from a cruise with my mother and grandmother, which is where I thought he might propose at. I had a feeling the proposal was coming soon because every jewelry store we went in to while on the cruise my mom kept asking if I liked the sides of certain rings. All the rings she was asking about had intertwined sides with stones on them and almost all of them were princess cut (exactly how my ring is).

When we got back, Zack’s mom had planned an ornament exchange and dinner as a way to thank my mom and grandmother for taking him on the cruise. I didn’t think anything of this being out of the ordinary because his mom is always doing nice things like that. His parents, brother, grandparents, my parents, grandmother, and little cousin were all at the ornament exchange and we all chose numbers from a bucket as we walked in the door that would determine the gift we chose after dinner. I chose number 8 (Zack’s favorite number) and my little cousin chose 12 which is my favorite number, so naturally I begged to switch with her but Zack’s dad refused to let me. I really didn’t see what the big deal in switching my number was since we didn’t know which ornament was in what box, but I let it go and kept my number 8.

After dinner everyone piled in the living room to start the ornament exchange and Zack’s mom started a camcorder that sat at the front of the living room right beside where Zack and I were sitting. I didn’t think anything of that either because we all love capturing special get togethers on camera so that wasn’t anything that made me think I would be getting engaged within a matter of minutes. We started going down the list of people opening their ornaments and oohing and ahhing at the cute ones that were being opened. When it finally got to be my turn, Zack’s dad handed me my box and as I opened it Zack started fidgeting beside me.

I opened the top of my box and looked inside only to see Zack taking what I thought was my ornament out of the box. He stood up, knelt down on one knee, and began telling me how much he loved me and I’m sure what was more sweet, romantic things I couldn’t really hear because my little cousin was screaming in excitement in my ear. She did however stop at the most important part which was when Zack opened the box and asked me to marry him.

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Of course with tears streaming down my face I said yes as he slid the most perfect and beautiful ring onto my finger. With a room filled with so many people, it seemed only to be us and I was still in total shock. I then understood why his dad refused to let me switch numbers because they had thought out and practiced this proposal for months. When I picked my number out of the bowl, it had been switched to a bowl with all 8s in it while everyone else chose from a bowl with no 8s in it.The thought and effort that went into this proposal from Zack and his whole family was incredible. It has been almost a year since my hallmark movie, perfect proposal and I still catch myself staring down at my ring almost every day and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Zachary Rowland on October 7th, 2017.

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