Makayla and Payne

how we met

From Makayla’s Point of View: My parents met in the Air Force. My dad was from Abbeville, Alabama and my mom was from SC. I love where I am from, but when it came time to go to college it was very evident that the Lord was calling me to Alabama. I had softball scholarships to play other places in SC, but I came to Wallace Dothan. During my two years there I was able to live with my dads two brothers and my grandparents. Dothan quickly become like a second home. One of the friends I made while living in Dothan used to tell me that a guy he went to high school with was such a great person and that he knew if we ever met we would be good friends! He was such a jokester and I didn’t think much of it. When it was time to transfer, after much prayer I decided to go to the University of Mobile to play softball. That same friend came up to me the day after I signed and said “Mak, you know who goes to Mobile right? Payne Palmer, the guy I told you about.” Again, I just laughed at him, but later on I did do some Facebook stalking.

how they asked

Seaside has always been special to us. It has grown so much since the first time we went. In June of 2015 it is where he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. It is where we shared our first kiss. In November of 2015, we had a day off of practice and we drove there for the day and he told me he loved me for the first time. Each summer we go to 30A with his family on vacation, and spend hours just walking the beach and talking. So when he was ready to propose, he said he couldn’t think of any better place than the place that meant so much to us throughout our relationship. I go to school year round so I only get one week off during the summer, which was the week of the Palmer beach vacation. I wasn’t picky about all the engagement details. I didn’t even have a particular ring that I loved. I knew that I would love whatever he got me because it would be the one he chose just for me. The only thing I had always told him was that I wanted my family close by afterwards so that I could share that moment with them. It just so happened that my dad’s brother asked my parents and sister to come to Panama City that same week to watch my cousin play baseball.

After much prayer, Payne felt that the Lord opened up this perfect opportunity to propose. He asked for my parent’s blessings and orchestrated all the details with them and his family. It was my birthday, and my Mema and I share the same birthday. My parents, sister, and Mema were driving down that day, and Payne told me that he was taking me and Mema out for our birthday. We pulled into Seaside to wait on my family because they were “running late.” Payne told me they had made some changes to the chapel that we should go see while we waited on them. As we began walking he went the wrong way and almost took me through the place where both of our families and close friends were hiding. We ended up walking through the bushes and behind some alley to get there and at this point, I am asking him what we are doing. As we came out in front of the chapel there was a bench pulled out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bible, and a letter. At this point it all begins to sink in. The Bible has Makayla Palmer on it, and then Payne got down on one knee. I am so glad that he wrote all that he wanted to say in the letter in case he forgot something because I was shaking and crying and cannot remember everything he said. After a few minutes alone, our families came out of hiding. It was such a special time to be able to celebrate with them. My dad tells everyone that ask that he couldn’t have hand picked a better man to marry his daughter. I couldn’t agree more.

Ever since the day that Payne and I began to become friends I knew that the relationship we shared was special. Long before we went on our first date I have prayers for him written in my prayer journal. I cry thinking about how faithful the Lord has been through our relationship and how much he has truly blessed us with.

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The Grand Hotel in Point Clear
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Saint Francis at the Point
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