Makayla and Mark

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our apartment

How They Asked

Our 5th dating anniversary was coming up on Feb 7th. After the Super Bowl, we stayed at my parents’ house and I took the following Monday off, which meant we could spend the day together. We spent the day talking about our goals for the future and where we see ourselves in a few years. Eventually, I thought I had convinced him to go look at rings together, he told me he wanted to stop at the apartment quickly and then we’d be on our way. To say I was elated would be an understatement. I waited in the car when he headed inside and shortly after he came to the door and waived for me to come in. I had the mail in my hand so he asked me to run it upstairs quickly. When I came back down he called my name and I walked into our living room with him down on one knee in front of our fireplace and a small letter board sign that read “Will you marry me?” I was shocked and beyond happy. It was sweet, heartfelt and just the two of us. He had the ring the entire time! I think we both knew from the very beginning of our relationship that we’d end up together, but now it’s official!