Makayla and Jakob

Makayla's Proposal in Mackinac Island, MI

How We Met

I met Jakob in August of 2012. I worked with his best friend over the summer and just before we all went to college, Thomas said I should meet Jakob. The first date we watched a meteor shower on his trampoline. We only had a few weeks to spend together before Jakob went back to Saginaw Valley for college and I moved three hours away to Grand Rapids. We stayed in touch, talking regularly and soon Jakob asked me to be his girlfriend. It was strange to get to know someone over a long distance. I didn’t even have a car my first year at Aquinas College, so if we saw each other it was because he would drive across the state for me. The next summer, we both got jobs on Mackinac Island. We spent all summer swimming and biking and making friends. It was like we were on vacation as soon as we got off work. We spent the next two summers together on Mackinac Island, soaking up as much time together as possible before we had to go back to school. It was on that little 8-mile island that we fell in love.

How They Asked

The day Jakob proposed, we were headed up north to Mackinac Island to visit our friends. Jakob was acting a little different, he kept nervously twiddling his fingers and telling me how I was his best friend. We walked down to the boardwalk, near where he told me that he loved me for the first time. We sat and watch the ferry boats cross the straights while the sun burned off the morning fog. As we stood up, Jakob hugged me and I tried to move us out of the way of people taking pictures of the boats, but he whispered in my ear, “They are taking pictures of us.” He got down on one knee and said” You are my best friend and I love you so much. Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mackinac Island, MI

When I looked up our parents were literally popping out of the bushes they had been hiding in! Jakob had planned everything. It had been six years since his best friend introduced us and we are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together! #foreverandersenalways