Makayla and Cole


Cole had just gotten back from Marine Corps Bootcamp that was 13 weeks long. We had no verbal communication and did not see eachother throughout this time. We had letters for communication and that was it. We were already planning on getting professional pictures taken while he was in uniform when he got home, so I didn’t see the proposal coming at all. First off you have to know Cole and I go fishing all the time at every single lake around our area here in Indiana. First he took me to the iron bridge, which is mainly just a pretty setting. He then started making his way back to all of the other lakes to take pictures. We stop on a gravel road and the photographer made me turn around to take a picture. I thought it was a really goofy idea at first. I didn’t understand why I had to turn around while Cole faced the camera! While we were taking pictures, and he mentions that he wants to take some pictures at “our lake”. The great thing about this proposal is my family was there getting some “family pictures” as well as his was. We get to our lake and take some more fun pictures. The photographer asked me to do the turn around picture again. I’m standing on the dock turned around to have a picture that makes it look like Coles walking away.


I felt the dock shake, and I heard Cole whisper my name so I turned around and looked at him and he was down on one knee.