Majileen and Berremy

How We Met

It was New Year’s Eve 2014. I have never gone out to a party for NYE, so I donned the prettiest and sexiest black and gold dress and was ready to party!

My friends and I were having a great time! Eight minutes before midnight, I ran into an old college friend. She was with her fiance and another guy. I congratulated her on her engagement. She introduced me to both her fiance and her friend. She excitedly said, “This is my friend Berremy! I wanted you to meet him! You guys should exchange numbers now!” We didn’t exchange numbers, I thought she was just being funny. We said our “I’ll see you later” and partied with our separate friends.

A couple minutes before midnight, my best friend and I got separated from her fiance and our other friends so we went looking for them. I ran into Berremy. He was alone. He stopped me and said, “Hi I’m Berremy! Maryanne’s friend.” I couldn’t talk to him because it was nearing midnight and my best friend and I wanted to be with our friends when the New Year arrived! I said to him, “Hi, I’m sorry I have to go find my friends,” and walked away.

Later on in the night, I saw my college friend in the lobby and we did some catching up. Berremy was sitting next to her and he was smiling the whole time. I kept thinking, “This guy smiles a lot!” Once again, my college friend suggested that we exchange numbers. I’m old fashioned. If the guy doesn’t ask me for my number, then I won’t ask for his. We never exchanged numbers that night, but that’s how we met!

how they asked

It was the evening before my birthday.

I was getting dressed to go to dinner with my best friend when my fiance, Berremy, came home from work. He came up to me, while I was looking for the perfect shoes to wear, held my arms and said, “Babe, I’m sorry but I ordered your birthday gift but it isn’t coming until Saturday.” It was Thursday. And, the next day which was Friday is the day of my birthday. I told him that it was okay and that I didn’t mind that it was coming late.

My best friend took me out to dinner in San Francisco for my birhday. After dinner we went to a dessert place I frequented when I was in college. After that, she said she wanted to take me out to this new bar she found. My best friend was driving towards the Bay Bridge. I got curious and asked her why we were driving towards the Bay Bridge. She replied, “I’m taking you to this bar I found over there.” I asked if it was in Treasure Island. She replied, “Yes!”

While driving to Treasure Island I saw a billboard ad of the apple iwatch. I told my best friend the story of what happened earlier that evening with my fiance. I mentioned to her that I think my fiance bought me an apple iwatch for my birthday. I told her that I thought it was unnecessary and felt that I did not need one. Meanwhile, my fiance was texting me that he was in bed. I texted him back, telling him that I missed him and that I wish I was at home too.

We finally arrived at Treasure Island. Once we were parked, my best friend told me I needed to close my eyes because the bar is a surprise. I was thinking, maybe this is a fancy bar with lights and she didn’t want me to see how the bar looked.

Once outside, I was blindly walking to what seemed like an endless road. I was cold and I needed to pee!

Suddenly, someone wrapped a blanket around my shoulders! I still kept my eyes closed, but I couldn’t stop thinking, what is going on? My initial thought was Berremy came to surprise me and we were all going to a bar together to celebrate my turning 30 at midnight!

I opened my eyes and there he was. Berremy was standing in front of me with a picnic set up nearby and the eastern side of the bay bridge shining brightly in front of us. I was completely surprised!!!

He began his little speech and I couldn’t help but start to cry! I can’t even remember what he said, but it was one of the most romantic and happiest moments of my life. He pulled out a wooden box, got down on one knee and asked me, “Will you marry me?” I was crying, happy and in a state of shock.

Image 1 of majileen and berremy

I couldn’t find my words because I was so happy that I replied, “O-kay.”

This was a total surprise to me. It was such a beautiful moment. I can’t wait to spent the rest of our lives together!