Maji and Sebastian

How We Met

We “met,” I said “met” cause he added me on Facebook and I accepted him, I was 15 and he was 18. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything with him, immediately we combine, we were besties. We were together everywhere, people started to say we are a couple, then a long time after he confessed his love for me!!!  Now we’re almost 3 years together and now happily engaged.

how they asked

It was Wednesday, all my family were at my house cause we were going to see our favorite soccer team at tv, when we were watching the soccer immediately a video started playing on the tv with pics of us when we were babies, pictures of us together when we were teens, then a phrase on the screen “we were meant to be” and he showed up with flowers, he knelt and he asked “do you want to be my wife” obviously I was crying like a baby! Was the best.