Maja and Milan

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How We Met

We live in same city and I knew her from before,but honestly,I didn’t had courage to sms her. Anyway one day i comment something on her photo and that’s how it started. She wasn’t to much interested in me in the beginning and she thought that we will be just friends,but i had something different on my mind.And as time passes we both realized that we were made to make each other happy!

how they asked

We are 1 year and 6 months together. I’m a handball player and 10 months ago I moved to Hungary in my new club and we had a long distance relationship. Our relationship just become stronger but we missed each other too much so i planed to ask her to marry me. She had a few free days and I buy her a plane ticket to come in Budapest but i call my future best man to come 2 days earlier so we have time to set up the things. She had no idea what is going to happen. When Maja came we went on “our place” at Fisherman’s Bastion where my best man was hiding with the camera. I showed Maja the beautiful view on Budapest and in the moment while she watched the city i was already on one knee… I asked her if she want to make me the happiest man on Earth and marry me and she said YES! In that moment my best man captured this beautiful picture of us.

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