Maiah and Brad

How We Met

For me it seemed too difficult to go out to meet people. I am a mom. I am not only a mom but I am mom and dad to my son and my family all live 1500 miles away, so I do everything myself. Baby sitters are great but expensive. Off to the World Wide Web I went to see if I could find a special someone who would want to grow grey hair and get wrinkles with me.

I talked with a few people online and even went on a couple dates but none stood out to me. Well, that is accept one. There was this one man who was nice and seemed to know what he wanted out of life. We exchanged phone numbers and began talking quite often I found out his name is Brad. It appeared we had a lot in common so I knew I wanted to meet him in person.

The timing couldn’t be better! Brad was a police officer, that meant he worked every other weekend, but he had next weekend off. I don’t care to pay for baby sitters but as fate would have it my mother would also be in town and completely willing to watch my son for me. It was set! We would have our first date on Saturday September 14th.

The Thursday before our date was my last day in the Army so I had to sign out after midnight. I figured since my mom was there and my son was asleep I would sneak off to try to have coffee with Brad on my way to sign out. Him working graveyard meant we could try to meet up but he could get called out at any time so I figured why not? I really wanted to see if this man was as handsome in person as he was in pictures. We agreed to meet at the local gas station. The entire way there my heart was racing! What if I was not what he imagined? Would he even like me? What if he was not who he said he was? I finally arrived after what seemed like driving across country to get there. I saw a police SUV drive around the back of the gas station as I drove down the hill towards him. I didn’t know if that cop car was him but nevertheless I pulled up next to the police car stopped in the fire lane.

It was him! It was Brad for sure and he was even more handsome than I imagined he could be. We rolled down our windows and said hello. I told him I would park in a real parking spot and pulled around into the closest parking spot which happened to be for handicap, but I didn’t pay any attention to it because I am permitted to park there. He got out of his cruiser and strutted towards me. He walked with a confidence that seemed to shine around him. He was very tall yet not lanky like most would be at his height. He looked strong enough to take on a hundred felons at once. I was nothing compared to this man. As he approached me he poked fun about where I parked pointing to the handicap sign, “I thought you said you were going to park in a real parking spot.” No matter how intimated I was buy him I couldn’t let him notice so I laughed while saying, “What did you not see my license plate?” I could tell he then felt a bit silly for not noticing it so it made me feel more relaxed. We went inside and got our coffee and began making small talk but it was painfully obvious we both felt incredibly awkward. The moment we sat down there was radio traffic and of course it was for Brad. He had to leave on a call. We parted with a clumsy hug and an agreement that if I was still in town when he was done with his call we would continue where we left off.

I took my time signing out and even drove around town hoping he would get done soon so I could see him again. Finally after not hearing anything for a while I headed home. I didn’t know how long calls took but I was sure they couldn’t take that long. I began to think that he didn’t really get called out. Maybe he just heard the radio and used it as a scape goat to avoid having to sit there with me any longer. Brad was way out of my league and I was sure he noticed it too. Not one moment after I left city limits on my long drive home did I receive a text from Brad himself! He finally finished his call but I was already on my way home. I contemplated turning around but I didn’t want to seem desperate so I just kept driving. He verified that we were still on for our date in Saturday which meant he was really interested. I drove the rest of the drive home with a big smile and anticipation for Saturday! That night was our first date and it only lasted five minutes but it started everything! Our first date will forever be known as our Five Minute Date.

Image 1 of Maiah and Brad

how they asked

I get “family” pictures done with my son every year.

Last year I asked brad if he would like to join us that time and he did. We had only been together for 13 months but I figured why not throw him in a few of them.

Image 2 of Maiah and Brad

Of course this year I again asked if he would join us and he said he assumed he was. Our two year anniversary was last month and I had been poking fun about it being time for him to propose but I had no clue he had already been planning a proposal. The pictures started off wonderfully. It was freezing and hard to get all three up smiling at the same time but it is always fun.

Image 3 of Maiah and Brad

About half way threw the photos the photographer, who was also none the wiser, had My son and I sit on this cute bench in front of some rose bushed that were just about done blooming for the year to get some pictures of just the two of us. My boy was on my left and a few pictures in I hear Brad on my right. I thought I heard him say, “Will you marry me?” so I turn to him and sure enough he is on one knee box open asking for my hand in marriage!

Image 4 of Maiah and Brad

Before I could say anything my son grabbed the ring right out of the box and shouts, “It’s so beautiful!!!!” Of course I said YES!!!