Maha and Britt

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How We Met

It was one of my friend’s birthday party and she told me she had invited one of her other friends. Not really worrying about, I dressed up after work in the office restroom and got ready to go. We all were supposed to meet at Klyde Warren Park for this music festival. So, you’d imagine I wore music-festive vibe clothes (a short, black strapless dress). You’d think it was the perfect outfit…it wasn’t. When we arrived, we realized the so-call music festival was a family-friendly event with games and live music..not a 21+ vibe. While waiting, this handsome guy is waving and walks up with my friend’s brother. I looked at my best friend, Juan, and said, “He’s cute.” He walked over and started talking. My friend forgot introductions, so I put my hand out there and said, “Since she isn’t going to introduce me, hi! My name is Maha”. He dropped his napkin and I immediately grabbed it. He said thanks and my friend realizing that hadn’t introduced him said, “Everyone, this is my friend, Britt”. After the error in the venue, we ended up going to a thriller amusement park and talked a little. By end of the night, a slightly tipsy me was wondering how to ask for his number without weirding him out. While waiting for him to come back to drop my friend’s brother, I rehearsed my lines several times with my friend. At the end, I was too exhausted from waiting and left to go home. The next morning I was debating whether I should ask my friend for Britt’s number but God had other plans. I was laying in bed surfing through my social media and saw a message on my LinkedIn. It was Britt asking me for my number (and telling me how he didn’t have any other social media profiles). The rest was history.

How They Asked

After months of being at home during the pandemic and lots of working hours, we planned a trip to a local Texas beach with my friends to relax. Since we were still in the phase of hanging photos, I knew I wanted a group photo of all of us on the beach during the golden hour. The day came and we all were taking photos on the beach…we shifted to a couple of photos. Britt started speaking and I thought he was trying to make me laugh for the photo by saying, “You are my comfort, my peace, my home, and my heart. I want to live a thousand lifetimes with you…Maha, will you marry me?” I froze and started crying when reality hit.

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Special Thanks

Yamleque Murillo
 | Photographer
Natasha Farah
 | Videographer