Magical Proposal with 10,000+ Christmas Lights

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how we met

Egan and I met after a horrifying car accident. I was working as a news reporter and Egan is a firefighter. Egan and his son were eating breakfast outside a local market when a car plowed through the gazebo and hit them. After a visit to the hospital, Egan and his son (fortunately) were okay. The news of the accident quickly spread around town. After seeing Egan’s picture in the newspaper, I called the fire station where he worked and asked if I could interview him about what happened. He agreed, and we scheduled the interview for the following week. The day of the interview I had butterflies in my stomach. For some reason, I felt nervous, yet excited to meet Egan. On the way to do the interview, I called my mom and said “this guy could be the one! I just have that feeling!” Sure enough, the interview went well. Egan and I instantly connected and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

Every year, Egan strings together more than 10,000 Christmas lights and spends 100+ hours programming a light show to synchronized music at his house. On December 11, Egan told me he had been working on some new songs and wanted to show me. He also mentioned a guy from the city wanted to film the light show for a promotional commercial. I was so proud and excited for him.. little did I know, it all was part of his big plan.

As Egan went inside to turn on the light show, I sat in the back of his truck waiting. Immediately, lights turned on and the song “Will You Marry Me” by Jason Derulo played. Initially, I didn’t recognize the song, but when the words “Will-You-Marry-Me-?” lit up one-by-one, my jaw dropped; I was completely shocked and overjoyed with happy tears. Egan then came outside, got down on one knee, and asked the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer…YES!!


Quickly after, our families, who were hiding and watching next door, came outside to congratulate and join in on the celebration. I later learned the man from the “city” was a videographer Egan hired to capture it all.

It was truly the most magical proposal, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world – we can’t wait to get married in November!

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