Susie and Daniel's Magical Proposal in the Snow

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How We Met: Daniel and I met in sunny California in 2013 when he came down from Oregon to visit his family. We met in a restaurant on a casual Sunday night when both of our friends invited us to join them and introduced us to each other. It all started from a sweet hello, and ended up with Daniel getting my phone number. From there we started to talk everyday and night, 24/7, whether it was over text, Snapchat, or even Facetime! After a month of getting to know each other pretty well, Daniel asked me to be his girlfriend over the phone. Slowly two years went by and our long distance relationship was strong as ever, knowing he was the one and I was his.

how they asked: On January 18th of this year, I took a trip to Oregon to visit Daniel, while he had secretly been planning to propose for a couple months! He took me to Mount Hood, OR just to go snowboarding and see some snow, when all along his plan was to propose! I always dreamed of having the perfect proposal, especially in the snow, and he made my dreams come true! Some of our friends that came with us that day, helped Dan set up all the decorations while he and I decided to take a little walk together. He was extra romantic that day, telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. When we were walking back he took my hand and led me into an area with a lot of deep snow. Thinking that he is just trying to show me the snow, I started a fun and playful snowball fight with him and it gave us both a good laugh. He then took my hand again and led me deeper and deeper into the snow until I spotted a few candles. With no clue in the world, I ignored them and figured it was ski patrol!! When we got closer to them I said, “Dan, I think those are candles!” then I chuckled and said, “Who would put candles in the snow!?” Daniel was calm and answered with an, “I don’t know, I wonder too”. Getting closer, Dan squeezed my hand tighter and tighter, I then saw a pathway of candles that led to a rose-filled heart.

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This was when it had hit me and my heart sank into my toes!! He dropped down onto one knee, told me how much he loves me (he said more but I can’t remember from being so nervous), and asked, “Susie, will you marry me?!” In the middle of the candle-lit heart, I said yes, and it started to snow! Can it get any more magical than that!? His friends surprised me and came from behind the trees singing their own version of the song, Marry You by Bruno Mars. They took pictures and made our night so much more special! I don’t think it could’ve been any more romantic than that and I will never forget how special it was! I still get goosebumps every time I tell someone my perfect winter proposal story!

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Photos by Clear Rock Studios