Magical Marriage Proposal

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How We Met: 2 1/2 years ago, I attended a magic show my college was hosting. Little did I know, one of the magicians would soon be working his magic on me! When I got to the show, I was asked to help sell their merchandise. I was standing behind the table before the show all by myself for what seemed like forever when this incredibly handsome man came and started talking to me. He disappeared to go perform after only asking me a couple of questions. FINALLY, he came back and we got a chance to talk for the next hour. He was hilarious, loved kids, had a vibrant passion for life, and shared the same morals as me. I had never had so much fun with anyone in my life! With him, the rest of the world seemed to disappear. ;) I fell in love with everything about him. The only drawback was that he was from Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas. But I am from Minnesota and the idea of a long distance relationship wasn’t ideal.

We liked each other enough that we were willing to give it a try. Following the show, we messaged each other on Facebook, texted, called, and Skyped, along with occasional visits back and forth. Zak is from the big city in Texas, travels across the country, is the life of the party, and I’m just a shy country girl from Minnesota. Life with Zak has been a journey of learning patience, communication, and sacrifice. It has also been a journey filled with adventures, new discoveries, new friends, and the coolest guy on the planet. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

how they asked: On my last trip to Texas, Zak took me on what seemed like a typical picnic. He had set everything up in the middle of the park. It did seem a little odd that he wanted to sit in the 90 degree Texas sun. I complied since he was being super sweet, even sweeter than usual (which is really hard to believe). As you’ll see in the video, he worked his magic again, just like the night we met. He began to show me a notebook with all of his new drawings, then had me draw a hand with a ring inside. By this time, I knew what was about to happen. My heart was beating fast with excitement and my hands were shaking as he told me to video the whole process. He took the paper, placed it in my hand, and made the paper ring disappear, only for me to find a real ring in my hand!!

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Of course, he is a magician and a trickster so I had to ask him over and over again if this was real life. He said it was real, and I said yes!!! It is real. I get to spend the rest of my life with the sweetest, funniest, most passionate and purposeful, handsome man in the world. Not from 1,000 miles away, but right next to each other. We get to live life right next to each other every day for forever.

I have to add all of the trouble Zak went through to make all of this happen. He is creative genius who always takes time to plan and scheme his creative process. One morning when he went for his daily run, he was gone longer than usual. I started to worry since it had been over an hour. It turns out he had ran 4 miles to his videographer’s house the day before the proposal to make sure everything was all set up and ready to go. He had also scouted out the park to make sure the sun was in just the right place when he proposed. Zak and my dad went on a trip to Lowe’s a few days prior. He made sure to ask my dad for his blessing. He’s a true gentleman. His mind had been turning for months waiting for the right proposal idea to come to him. He came up with this idea on his own, then consulted with his magic friends until they found the perfect method. All of his hard work paid off! I can’t wait to marry this man!!!!!!

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