Nikki and Trent's Magical Marriage Proposal in New York City

best proposal photos _ epic marriage proposal photos_-27How we met: Never, in a million years, did I think I would find my husband in Omaha, Nebraska. I was touring through as an actor in the Broadway musical, “Wicked,” when a mutual friend saw an Instagram post and thought, “I have two good friends in Omaha?! They should meet up!”

Thank heavens for Instagram, because after my first date with Mr. Trent Lloyd at M’s Pub, I knew there was something special. I knew there was something REALLY special when on date 2, I took him to a cast party and he navigated it like a pro. He knew very little about Broadway – I think he even told his mom he was going to see me in some touring show about the Wizard of OZ – but he jumped right in with the cast, came to see me in the show and even picked me up after every performance.

Our 2 weeks together in Omaha was amazing, but then my show moved on to California. The relationship could have grown or dwindled, but it only got better. We wore FaceTime into the ground!

Our courtship was really exciting, as we would meet up every 3 weeks in a random city across the US.
After I left Wicked, we have been back and forth from the skyscrapers of New York to the corn fields of Omaha, falling in love every mile of the way. The craziest thing to me is that we both grew up 15 minutes away from each other in Utah, but it took going to Nebraska to find each other. If that isn’t fate, what is?!

how they asked: Being in a long distance relationship, I had no idea when or where he would propose, let alone how he would surprise snoopy old me. On Saturday, I was under the impression that I was modeling in a shoot for a friend at Lincoln Center, all the while thinking my man had a big day of work in Omaha, NE. When I arrived for said shoot, my friend Janelle was standing on the steps of Lincoln Center with a video camera, an empty basket and a Tiffany’s bag. She told me where to walk and as I headed in that direction, random New Yorkers were stopping me on the street, handing me white roses.

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I followed the trail of strangers with roses to Central Park, where even friends from the city began greeting me with bouquets of white roses. I was escorted to a path and followed it alone until I saw my handsome man in the distance standing on snow-covered, candlelit stairs.

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When I got to the bottom of the stairs I looked up at him and we both started crying. Was this a dream? I climbed the stairs, hugged my guy and he had me open my Tiffany’s box. Inside was a clock necklace and a note that said, “this is for time.”

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He told me how young Trent always dreamed of proposing to his wife with a watch, for “time,” and a ring for “eternity.” He wanted to follow through on that childhood dream, though he felt the Tiffany’s necklace was better suited for me. He said a few other sweet things and then pulled out a box. “Now this is for eternity,” he said and got down on one knee. The word “yes” came out of my mouth before he even made it to through the word “marry.” And then maybe I said “yes” another 12 times after that.

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We walked back together through the snowy, quiet park to Tavern on the Green, where he had a romantic table reserved for two.

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When we walked into the back room, I was surprised with a large group of our family who all flew in from Utah and other dear friends! I saw my dad, holding a bouquet of flowers, and burst into tears. His bouquet rounded my total to 100 white roses. Dessert at Lalo followed dinner and we have been on cloud 9 ever since!

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Photos by Lindsey Bohne Kelsch