Magic Show Proposal

Thursday February 21st, 2013 was a big day for us. Not only were our parents were in town, but it was the culmination of an event we’d been publicizing for two months for the Orlando Solar Bears, Central Florida’s professional hockey team, who are one of our clients. The event was a hockey game preceeded by a VIP meet and greet with the team’s players, owners, dance team, mascot and over 300 guests.

In preparation for this event, Nona (Joel’s mom), Janie (Bree’s mom) and Bree went for manicures and a partial-spa treatment. Dressed to the nines, we looked great. Joel picked out his and Bree’s clothes, so we matched and looked great together.

While we were waiting to start the evening, Joel and Bree discussed who would drive, since there were six people and each car only had 5 seatbelts. A few minutes later, a white stretch limousine arrived at the house. Bree was shocked, Joel’s romantic and practical plan was right on track! (Yes, we took the obligatory couples photos, which felt strangely reminiscent of taking prom pictures!)

The pre-game event went well: the Solar Bears were there with a free puck for everyone, the red carpet Joel had dropped off earlier in the day looked great and the room was filling up. Kostya, a magician friend who does magic for the Orlando Magic (NBA), was performing magic tricks when he approached Bree and told her he was going to perform a mid-game magic trick and he needed her to pick two girl friends to participate in it. Bree’s friends hadn’t arrived yet, so she suggested Kostya use her mom and Nona. When he declined, she pointed out three women who looked like they might enjoy the show, although again he declined and left, noting he’d be back closer to game-time.

Bree’s friends Missy and Deanna arrived, and Bree told them she needed them for a magic trick. They went along with Bree’s request without question. They had been prepped for the show, however gave no clues about their private briefing, or what to expect. Kostya explained we “would be helping him with a magic trick on center ice. He would have a curtain and a sign and yeah… just follow my lead…”

The girls watched the first period from the floor, literally next to the ice, while Joel was stashed away in the Green Room, reviewing his four lines and anxiously awaiting the big moment.

Joel practiced at the stadium earlier in the day, so he knew where to stand and what to expect. However, Bree was clueless, for everything made perfect sense to her: the fancy clothes, limo, family and friends, nails, etc. it was all very logical: we wanted to make an excellent impression and we wanted the night to be successful. So far, the event was off to a great start!

When the first period ended, the magicians walked onto the ice, unrolled a Solar Bears runner and commenced with the first magic trick. During the show, the girls walked along the ice towards center ice. In high heals, all Bree could think was “we’re walking, we’re walking, we’re still up right…” since she knew slipping in front of everyone would be highly embarrassing.

Once they reached center ice, lead by Kostya, another magician took Bree to a curtained closet, and Missy and Deanna stayed with Kostya. Covered with the curtain, Bree closed her eyes and counted to 5 slowly and loudly into the microphone. When she reached 5, the curtain was lifted and Bree saw a giant banner that read, BREE WILL YOU MARRY ME?

She felt Joel’s hands on her shoulders and she excited yelled, ‘yes, yes, of course, yes!”

Joel came around the bare closet where Bree was still sitting, got down on one knee and proposed. He said, “Bree, you’re my best friend. Every day I spend with you is the best day of my life. In front of our family, friends and thousands of strangers, will you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife?”



Bree laughed, so surprised, yelled, “yes! Yes!” Upon seeing the ring, she exclaimed, “of course yes!”

Totally surprised, Bree had no idea she was going to be engaged when she was getting her nails prettified, as she entered the limo, greeted guests at the VIP event or even walked onto center ice! With their friends, family and plenty of photographers, the proposal was absolutely perfect!

The proposal was everything Bree had ever wanted, and more!


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