Maggie and Zach

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How We Met

Me and a group of friends went out to a Garth Brooks concert in December of 2015. We knew this night was going to be a blast, but my night ended up being the best every, because that is the night I met my future wife, Maggie. After enjoying a great concert, my friends and I decided to go to a local country bar named Club Rodeo. While there, I noticed there was a cute girl hanging out with her friends by the bull riders arena. I decided to go up and talk to her. We instantly hit it off and I enjoyed talking with her and her friends. Since that night, we have been inseparable and have gone to many more country concerts, including our own Garth Brooks concert together in summer of 2016 in Vegas.

how they asked

I decided that it was time to ask Maggie to marry me. We are big country music fans so I bought us tickets for a Randy Rogers Band concert to celebrate Maggie’s upcoming birthday. I then told her that my parents would like to have us over for dinner before the concert to celebrate her birthday as well. I knew this was my moment to propose. I ended up calling all of our closest friends and family and told them to be at my parents house when we showed up. Everyone parked down the road so when we pulled up Maggie had no clue anything was up, all the while I was nervously trying to keep it together. When we opened the door, everyone yelled surprise and Maggie was shocked. She was so excited to see everyone and was trying to take inventory of who all was there. At that moment, I told Maggie that I had one more surprise for her and got down on one knee. Our dog, Frankie, thought he needed to join in on the proposal and he jumped right in between us as I was on one knee.

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Maggie said yes and everyone cheered. We ended up going to the concert with lots of friends after the surprise birthday party and had the best day of my life.

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