Maggie and Tracy

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How We Met

Tracy and I were introduced by my brother. I was 14, and he was 16 at the time. They both worked at the same local grocery store where a lot of high school students in our community had their first job, including me later on. I was unsure about him at first, but then I decided to give him a try. We ended up dating for two weeks, then I broke up with him (little did I know about dating then!). We eventually got back together and were high school sweethearts for four years. We were each other’s first loves and saw one another through graduating high school and starting college. We split up my freshman year of college. However, neither of us ever forgot about the other. He remained best friends with my brother, so his name was always popping up at family dinners over the years. It was impossible to forget him even if I tried. We eventually reconnected, both now in better places in our lives, and were obsessed with each other from the very beginning. My Grandpa passed away in February of this year, and it was one of the hardest times that I had ever been through. Tracy was by my side through all of it. I knew he was definitely the one when he showed up at my grandparent’s house on Valentine’s Day, just two days after my Grandpa’s passing, and had roses and chocolate-covered strawberries for both me and my Grandma.

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how they asked

I knew that Tracy had bought the ring weeks before he proposed. We had been looking online at different rings, including the one he bought, and he finally came out one night and told me he had bought one. I quickly figured out which one because it said “sold out” online. I definitely did a little more snooping than I’d like to admit. We were planning to go to Florida for my senior college spring break soon after this, so I just knew that he was going to propose then. I was already picking out which dress I was going to wear on the beach and everything. The funny part is that he led me to believe that this was true despite knowing that I was totally wrong about all of it. We were leaving for the beach on Monday, so he convinced my sister-in-law to take me out to eat and to have my nails done the Friday before we left. This only made me think that he was going to propose at the beach even more. We had plans to meet up with his cousin and his wife to go out to eat and watch a movie the Saturday before we left.

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Tracy said that his best friend had borrowed his Yeti cup, and he needed it for the beach so we would have to go meet him before the movie. This is the part where I should have been suspicious: his best friend was “on a date” at the local city park at seven o’clock in the evening in the freezing temperatures and pouring rain. We drove to the park to “meet him”. He said that they were down at the lakeside pavilion, so we would have to walk down to meet them. I was not too happy about walking in the pouring rain, so I told him that I would just stay in the car because I didn’t have a rain jacket or umbrella. He said I had to get out and go with him. I definitely put up a little bit of a fight, but eventually gave in. I started to realize then what was happening.

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We walked down to the pavilion, hand in hand, and he was nervously swinging my hand back and forth for the entire walk. We reached the pavilion where my family was waiting, including my mom and dad, brother and sister-in-law, and Grandma. We walked across the short dock to the pavilion, and I began to cry. Waiting on the dock were candles and 75 pink roses in the shape of a heart. Tracy led me to the middle of the heart where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course! It was a truly magical moment. The only way the day could have been more perfect is if my Grandpa were there with us, but we know he is smiling down on us from Heaven.

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