Maggie and Tom

How We Met

Get your popcorn ready, because this story is almost two hours long when we tell it to our friends! Tom and I met in 2016 after sophomore year of college while on our first summer internship. We quickly became friends through an intern group. Days after meeting each other, we discovered we both like sports while watching Game 7 of the NBA playoffs. We then started running together in the humid Iowa heat and shot hoops at the local basketball courts after work. The following weekend, Tom asked me to be his girlfriend after only knowing me for a week! I was a little hesitant, of course. I said I’d think about it… Not only did we barely know each other, but I also wasn’t confident about committing to a long-distance relationship after the summer since our schools were 5 hours apart.

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A week later, I asked my sister for advice on the situation, and all she told me was, “oh date him, he’s cute!” So, I listened to her advice, winged it as usual, and we started dating midsummer. It was going well until I felt the hesitation again a few days in, unsure how everything would work out after the internship… I may or may not have broken up with him on his birthday… (oops!) But after the summer was over, we still stayed in touch via Skype.

Tom was a part of a fraternity at school. During their weekly chapter meeting, they give out unofficial awards, such as “Loser of the Week”, “Quote of the Week”, etc. Over Skype, his friend shared with me that he won the award “Chuck Norris of the Week” for getting a girlfriend. Little did I know, I was his girlfriend! So, I just went with it… We started dating long distance, seeing each other at least once a month throughout the rest of school, all while capturing our favorite memories on my GoPro!

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How They Asked

Tom would always refer to this big day like that “someday”, but I had no idea it would happen this soon… until the day of!

Family is super important to us. Tom and I were able to join in on my family’s annual Outer Banks vacation this year. My family had planned for everyone to go down to the beach in the evening for my sister’s gender reveal (it’s a boy!), with family pictures afterward. It seemed like it was a little last minute, as my mom told me an hour before to dress up for pictures, which isn’t really my thing. My mom slightly gave it away when she wasn’t too happy with my first outfit of choice – my usual T-shirt and shorts. I started getting more suspicious when I couldn’t find my GoPro 10 minutes before we left…

I knew what was really going on as soon as he took my hand on the beach, said some nice things, and got down on one knee!

It was the most perfect moment, and so incredible to celebrate with family in one of our favorite places. To get the whole vacation on video was the icing on the cake! My favorite GoPro edit yet!

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