Maggie and Timothy

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How We Met

We met our Junior year of high school. I was a dancer for my high school that danced for his high school’s football team, and he played football. Every Friday night since 9th grade, we were in the same place at the same time, but our paths never crossed until one Saturday night at a party when a mutual friend introduced us. After that, it was fate. Over five years later, the man who has become my best friend and has been through everything with me asked me to be his wife!

how they asked

The whole day was supposed to be about Timothy for his birthday. We planned to have friends over that night and he scheduled a couples massage in the morning. He told me that before the party we had to stop by his co-workers baby shower for a bit and to wear a nice dress because it was a fancy shower. My best friend came over before and did my hair and makeup because she had a “wedding” to go to at the same time and wanted to get ready together. We drove out to the “baby shower” and it ended up being a beautiful plantation. We walked to the back and the whole place started lighting up, music started playing, there were candles everywhere, and pictures of us were hanging in the trees. I was completely surprised and elated and my best friend of five years asked me to marry him! We ended the night with him surprising me with all of our family and friends at my house!

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Special Thanks

Stacy Asaro
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